Friday, November 27, 2009


Thanksgiving is such a wonderful day, a day to give thanks, a day to be with family & friends, and of course, a day to eat like a pig:) I decided yesterday morning to make these cute pancakes to start out our Thanksgiving day. I got the idea from the This Mama Loves to Cook blog. So easy and so adorable! I surprised my kids with them and they thought they were so cool. We ate breakfast while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade(who doesn't watch that?). Its the American tradition!

We created a wall of thanks this year(well, in our case-windows). The kids loved thinking of things they were thankful for and sticking them to the windows. Some of my favorites of Aubreys were: sisters, Heavenly Father, Great Wolf Lodge, resteronts, my whole family, fridge and freazer, getting baptized, upstairs. Some of Ella's goodies were: Jonas Bruthers, Ice Slis(ice slides), my dad becuse he works, dance, family, frich friis(french fries), chokelit brownes(chocolate brownies), apples. My favorite answer of Joey's was: Holly. :) My other favorite answers of his were: big old cadillacs, waves and Post-It Notes. So clever:) If you want to know some of my answers, okay, I'll tell you a few: my hot hubster, sweet beautiful daughters, Disneyland, Mexican food, and many more thrilling answers:) Oh, and I can't forget Cali. She scribbled on a few!

This year we stayed home and spent Thanksgiving with good friends. We had a wonderful day, but of course we missed our family(we'll see you soon though!) We hosted the dinner at our home which gave me an excuse to finally buy some placemats, napkins & napkin rings. Fun!Nothing fancy- I like simple stuff. Oh, and the cute little placecards were made by my friend, Sheri's, kids. They were really cute!

So, this was my first year to actually make my own pumpkin and pecan pie. I thought they turned out not-too-shabby. I had to take a picture to document one of my firsts. . .

The grown-ups at the grown-up table(actually Cali and Charley, another little friend her age, were at our table, but they ate and ran:) Toys are way more fun than turkey. And thank you Aubrey for taking this picture!

The kids at the kid table

Fun with olives

Zac and the kiddos. He was the entertainment for the day:) Besides the olives.

After everyone left, he walked over to his bed and just fell asleep instantly. Those kids wore him out:) He had a great Thanksgiving too. Lots of love and attention were poured out on him!
It was a great day! I am so thankful for so many things in my life, but to me, these are the very most important. . .




The Gospel





Oh, and chocolate chip cookies too. :)

Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Tara D. said...

It looks like your Thanksgiving turned out beautifully! Lots of friends and fun, and most importantly lots to be thankful for. :)

Tara D. said...

btw, loved the wall of thanks idea.

Cynthia said...

I loved looking at all these pictures and the great ideas, the turkey pancakes, Macy's I love Macy's, wall of thanks that's an excellent idea. Everything looked beautiful the placesettings and the kiddo table everyone with smiles is obvious that you had a great Thanksgiving and for that I am grateful. I'm sure everyone there had a great time. Great company, great food who could ask for more and little Zack he's so cute, in his last picture I couldn't even find his face. I'm grateful for a God who loves us all no matter our faults no matter our situations I have found that of everyone in the world He is the one true person you can count on and He will never let you down. My family is very important to me and I believe that in the CIR, that when we leave this earth all we take with us is our Character, Intelligence and Relationships as once taught to us by a sweet friend and great teacher Brother Hyatt. I especially love my hubby for all he's ever done for me to make my life more comfortable I could never have asked for a better love in my life I guess that's why my son is also a great hubby, daddy and friend and has chosen his sweet mate in life Holly. I'm grateful for all our grandchildren all 10 of them for now. Thanks Holly for the beautiful post and for making Thanksgiving a great one for your family as well missed you guys but know that you had a beautiful day as well. love mom, aka nana

Tonya said...

You have some of the gratest ideas...I love the wall idea...

I am thankful for a dear friend named Holly... Love ya