Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A lil decoratin

On Friday, we busted out all of the Christmas decor. I love Christmas decorating! Especially while listening to my favorite Christmas tunes. We got it all done Friday & Saturday. The kids had a little spring in their step the whole time. They are so excited Christmas time is here again. And I'm so proud of us! Inside and out, our house is ready for the season! Decorating: complete.

Cali got into the Christmas spirit by wearing one of the pieces of our cloth nativity on her head. Presenting kid wearing creche. . .
Everything was so new and exciting for Cali this year-she is at such a fun age for this(they all are really, it seems like each new year is even more fun than the last!) Anyways, when we got out our outdoor little light-up Santa, she just fell in love with him. Joey had his camera when she decided to snuggle up close. I swear we did not tell her to do this for a cute picture! Isn't this adorable?

Every day when we leave or come home she greets him in her cute little two-year-old voice, "Hi Santa!" or"Bye Santa!" Its so cute.

In the evening, we decorated the tree and put the Polar Express train around it(I'll blog some train fun later:) Here are the kids watching Joey add the final piece-the star.

Christmas time is here! I love it.


Devri said...

Love it, we put ours up tonight.. as for the blog friends. hmm I am not around much lately. Busy time of year.. hugs to you and yours

Tara D. said...

Aw, I just love the magic and excitement this time of the year brings. Did you enjoy the snowfall this morning? I'm sure you got more of it where you are. :)

Cynthia said...

Ahhh I'm so jealous. You are on top of things. Mine are still in the Alice in Wonderland/Harry Potter Closet. Everything looks great. Good job girls I'm so excited for you I bet Santa is so anxious to come to your house too.

Marie Rayner said...

Holly, you have such a lovely home, such beautiful girls and I love your Christmas decorations! I am nowhere's near getting mine up. I am way behind this year!! xxoo

Cindy said...

Dang it, guess it's time to put mine up. Thanks a lot :-)

Adorable Santa & Cali pictures!!!