Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas morning 2010

After a perfect Christmas Eve filled with yummy food, sugar cookie decorating, watching a movie and opening the gifts from/to each other, Joey read Luke 2 while the kids acted out(with little stuffed animal nativity characters) the birth of Christ while the fireplace glowed. It was a wonderful evening.Then, the kids nestled in their beds while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads:) They looked so cute in the new robes we bought them and I just am now realizing we never took a group shot of them together! Darn. They were adorable. And of course we had to buy Ammon a "My First Christmas" sleeper. They went to bed in style that night:) When they awoke the next morning, it was magical. So much happiness and so many smiles. It was one of the best Christmases ever- just a warm feeling all day long. They were all so happy with what the received and were so grateful. They shared with each other. They gave to each other. They played nicely. It was just wonderful! I remember sitting and soaking in a few of those "moments" of joy and thinking about how truly blessed I am to have the special family I have. A wonderful amazing husband and sweet beautiful children. I am so grateful for this life! Here are pictures of smiling faces and bits of the wonder of Christmas morning. LOTS of pictures. For the Grandparents:)

Our kids are easy to please. Ella's top item was this little notepad that smells like hot cocoa. She was happy!
Aubrey loves her new sparkly "A" necklace.

A new Webkinz character, Zumbuddy!

Ammon enjoying his new Jumperoo. It has already provided me more free time for me-thank you Fisher Price!

Cali has already dug into her new playdough set and made us lots of yummy icecream:)

Look at that face-she looooves art and was stoked to get a new art set(with oil pastels even-ooh la la)

Never seen kids so excited for erasers! Food shaped erasers are "cool" these days ya know.
The "big" items this year were these really cool little video cameras for the older two. These have kept Aubrey and Ella entertained all week long! They have made Joey and I laugh so much at the things they have come up with. I love to see their little minds at work:) When I was younger, my sibs and I spent hours making commercials and skits and just being stupid. And now the fun continues. They were shocked to receive these(as you can see:)

Cali's "big" item from Santa-an RC Strawberry Shortcake car. She loves to chase Zac with it:)


Ella got a sparkly E purse. Totally Ella.

They also got some Zoobles and a Zooble case. Zoobles are these new little guys, about the size of the Littlest Pet Shop toys, but they are way cooler. They are balls that pop into animals when you put them on their little pods. I actually like to play with them:)

Daddy got a skateboard. Daddy is happy. He used to be a skater back in the day. And he still is. Hes still got it yall. My sexy skater dude.

And Ammon also took it for a ride. Gotta start em young.

I told Joey that I needed some new brown boots and he surprised me with UGGs-WOOHOO! Mama likey.

Ammon studying his stocking, trying to pull the present out. Hes one smart cookie.
Zac wasn't forgotten-he got a new toy and treats. He was pretty good this year too.

One of the gifts to Aubrey from us was this Shutterfly book I made her of her baptism pictures. It turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself:) I hope its something she treasures.

The girls made us sweet cards at school. The best gifts are the ones from the heart! They were beautiful.

This one is Aubreys-pretty dang artistic!!

Out of everything Cali received, her favorite thing was a blue candy cane. She had blue lips and tongue all day long.
After opening the presents from Santa and fron each other, we then opened presents from Joey's parents and sisters. Wow, were we spoiled!? Lots of fun stuff-thanks everyone!! And then my mom and sibs come to visit soon and we get to open more! So, its not over, yea! I don't take down my Christmas stuff until the second weekend in January. I like to enjoy it all as long as possible:)
While the whole Santa/ present exchange thing is fun and creates lots of lasting memories, the times that were the most special however, were the ones where we were all together as a family talking about our Savior. We had a couple of nice FHEs talking about His birth and singing Christmas songs. And I especially loved the First Presidency Christmas Devotional this year. It was beautiful and really brought into our home the true meaning of Christmas. I loved the messages shared and the music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I would love to be able to attend that some day! And see the lights at Temple Square! I'm so grateful for our Savior and for His birth. I'm so grateful for the gift He gave to all of us-His life. Without Him, we couldn't have eternal life, which is the greatest gift of all.
I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve in pictures. . .

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas morning. xoxo

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday to my sweet Elly bean

So, a reeeeally nasty bug hit our house last week. It started with Cali and made its way to Ella this week...unfortunately she wasn't better by her birthday. Booooo. It was probably the worst illness I've seen hit our children. 5 days/nights of fever over 104(some days even over 105), head/eye pain, throat sore, vomiting, the works. Even with the flu, I didn't see fevers this high for this long, ever. We were hoping she'd be better by her birthday but she wasn't. So, the fun activities we'd planned are postponed, but we still did cake, icecream and presents and did our best to make Ella smile. Luckily, she had a couple of good hours where she was feeling okay. Thank goodness for Tylenol and Motrin.

I made one of her favorite breakfasts-crepes. That made her smile. . .
I baked her a cake with her favorite color frosting: purple. And did a Littlest Pet Shop theme(we've always gotta have themes:)
Ammon chilled in his little chair and enjoyed eating his fingers. . .

While we sang the birthday song!

We had to cut out a piece for her to blow out the candles(don't want to spread the germ love to everyone else!) So, we cut her name out. She didn't mind. It was a really big piece and she got to eat it all.
Then she blew out all 7 candles(7? How is it possible she is 7?)
Everyone eatin up. They said the cake was good. I'll let Duncan Hines know.

Present time. Cali made Ella two cards. One had a Chuck E Cheese coin and a dime inside. It was so sweet. Its a pretty big deal for Cali to give away money:)
Aubrey bought Ella a gift this year with her own money. Here is Ella opening it. . .

She was VERY happy to receive Godiva mint pearls. Joey had bought some for me once and the kids kept wanting to eat them all. Great idea Aub!

Here she is opening a couple presents from Mom & Dad. Zoobles! She was thrilled.
And an MP3 player and speaker(she wanted one since Aubrey has one. Just has to have one of her own!) Look at that face, I think she was happy.

She had LOTS of presents to open from us and grandparents and aunts and uncles. Thanks everyone for everything! They brought her many many smiles. Sadly, after presents, her fever went right back up and the rest of the day was pretty miserable:( It was so sad for me to watch as her mama. No one should get so sick on their special day. We'll make it up to her when she is all better. Her choice: Build a bear and Chili's. Sounds good to me! Hopefully Friday!
Ella, we love you so so much. You are a wonderful girl with a beautiful smile. You are one of the most creative kids in the world, always taping and cuting and gluing. You always have brilliant ideas and come up with the cutest creations. And you are such a sweet big sister, especially to Cali lately. I love how when you get home from school you always read her books. Its always a sweet sight:) I love your style and spunk. And I love your laugh. Thanks for being an amazing daughter. You have brought so much joy to our lives! XOxo

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

Now that we've added a new member to the family, we decided to get a family picture taken this fall. I hadn't posted these pics yet because they were the ones used for our Christmas card and I don't like spoiling :) Thanks Whimsical Photography for capturing some fantastic shots. . .

I took this one of Ammon later because he was not wanting to have anything to do with the photo shoot that day. It was tough! We were sooo lucky to get that cute bench shot with all four them without him screaming:) So, here is a happy picture of our little Ammon. As hes getting older, I think he looks most like Cali, what do you think?
I love this family of mine.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Decorating our Gingerbread House

Last week we had lots of fun decorating our family gingerbread house. I did the roof, Aubrey did the front, Joey did the back and the walkway. And Ella & Cali each did one side. Its a group effort:) I love seeing the kids creative juices flowing. They each took time to make sure their part was perfect-and it was.

Ella and Aubrey meticulously working.

Here is a funny sequence. This is Cali giving me her usual ticked-off face after I told her she was done(the candy was running out and the other kids still weren't finished. I'm so mean, I know).
And two seconds later, she was able to pull this face off. We train our kids to give the best camera smiles young. No matter whats going on, they can pause and smile for the camera :) lol

And the finished masterpiece.

We was proud.