Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Christmas in Corpus

So, I know you are probably thinking, she already posted about Christmas, enough already:) But, we had an early Christmas here and then actual Christmas in Corpus, so I gotta post pics from Christmas with the grandparents! Its pretty darn fun to have Christmas twice:) Don't be jealous.

Starting with: pics from visiting Joey's parents.
Decorating the tree upstairs...

Cali found a piece of string on the ground and just threw it on:)

Christmas morning gift opening

3 lovely carolers came by(Joey's aunt Angie, uncle Phil and cousin Brandon) Brandon is a good sport:)

Joey, me & his sibs all bought Joey's mom an American Girl doll. I think she loved it:) She loves dolls and collects them. I could tell when she bought the girls theirs last year, that she wanted one too. She had told us last year that if she ever got one(we sorta prompted her), she would want Molly. So Molly it was. Such a beautiful doll. Now they can play together!
Now I can take more pictures!

Money and cookies. What could be better than that?

Oh wait, maybe a Dyson:) Funny how excited you get about household items when you grow up. I darn near peed my pants when I saw this bad boy.

Aubrey learned how to fold napkins the fancy way. And she has taught me too-yea!

Tea party with Tata

Storytime with Mom & Ella

Aubrey trying on her new fancy dress from Nana and Tata. She wore it all day long and didn't want to take it off:)
Next are the set of pics from visiting my side of the fam.

We played a game of Sardines(backwards hide and seek) at my parents house late one night. My mom had the best hiding spot, can you find her? :) In the dark, no one could find her. She beat us all. She shows no mercy in games:)
Christmas morning surprises...

I think this has to be one of the funniest pictures EVER.

My 3 ultra cool brothers.

A candy jewelry making kit for the girlies(and me too). They will make the jewelry, I will eat it. Sounds fair to me.
Chloe sniffing Aubrey's booty. Just kidding.

Nothing says I love you like a Whataburger giftcard. At first I think he was confused thinking we had given him a hashbrown or something. No, don't be silly. It was an apple pie.

Ella's lite brite creation.

The girls playing my old storybook records from when I was a leetle girl.

We always head over to my grandparents home on Christmas Day too. Thanks Joey for snapping this shot of me and my Grandpa Adams. I love this guy. I'm glad to have a recent picture of him and I together.
Their yard is HUGE and the kids always have fun running around and playing.

Cali and her cousin Berlin really chummed it up this year. So cute and so fun to watch them interact finally. Last year they were still just kinda looking at each other. This year there were some real deep conversations:)
Alright. I'm caught up now. Corpus Christi: check.


Marie Rayner said...

What a lovely time you had Holly! Your MIL Cyndi, is soooo lucky! I would love an American Girl Doll. It has been a lifetime dream. Mind you kinda hard as I don't live in America and have never even seen one in real life! No mind, as I know full well dreams can and do come true! I have loved seeing all the photos of you and the girls and the rest of the family. What a joyous and blessed holiday season you all had! Thanks so much for sharing all the goodness and joy with us! Love you loads! xxoo

Jan said...

Looks like a perfect Christmas -- love it! You'll have to let us know what you think of the Dyson. I'm interested.

Cynthia said...

I love all the pics so cute. Each picture brought back a memory of that morning and the cute smiles and happy faces on the kiddos. I can't get over how grown up they are all looking this year. Ella I so love that picture tooooo cute. Aubrey you look so grown up and very pretty modest young girl. Cali you look so cute hugging your cousin looks like you guys are going to be gal pals for sure. Glad you guys were happy with your gifts whatever makes life a little easier for all of us even if it means a new Dyson I hear their great I still haven't decided which one is the best one they all seem so good. Joey enjoy those cookies hmmm perhaps they are already all gone. And yes everyone I do love Molly she reminds me of a doll I had when I was littler and her name was Chatty Kathy perhaps I'm dating myself anyway I really don't know what happened to her she just disappeared one day. Perhaps mom thought some other little girl needed her more oh well we have Molly and she will be traveling when we travel she's way to cute to leave at home. Thanks everyone and thanks for the great pics.

Tara D. said...

Oh please! We love pictures!!! Keep em coming. :) Loved those pictures. It's too bad the vacation couldn't have last a little longer; I miss being all together with the fam.

Grammy Staffy said...

I agree with Tara....keep them coming. I love looking at all the pictures. It makes me feel like I was part of the fun. I enjoy every minute of reading about it.

Guess what...Erin got a Dyson ball too. She was thrilled. Patrick didn't think that was much of a Christmas gift but that is what she wanted and ask Santa for so she got it.

Happy new year with hugs, Lura

tiburon said...

That is some Christmas! I hope you enjoy your Dyson. I LOVE mine!

Tonya said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas....I love the last picture it is sooo sweet of the two girls..