Sunday, February 28, 2010


Joey took these beautiful pictures of Ella the other day, after she had put some play make-up on. You can see the "sparkles" better in the second picture. Isn't this girl a beauty? She just loves make-up, lookin stylish, and accessories. She has always been our girly girl:)

So, people keep asking me if we are hoping for a boy for our fourth child. Well, ok, I admit the answer is yes:) Of course I would love to experience having a son and that mother-son relationship. However, another girl would be fine by me! I love these girls with all of my heart. And I do have to say I think we make the most beautiful and sweet girls in the world! So, if its another girl, we'll be thrilled too:)I just feel so blessed and excited to be pregnant and to have a baby, boy or girl! We'll find out the sex in about 5 weeks....can't wait to find out!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Dance fever

Over the past couple of weeks our family has been able to attend two really fun Valentine's Dances. The first one was at the church. Joey was out of town that week, but I wasn't alone. I invited a good friend and neighbor to come along with her girls and we partied! Thanks for coming Susan & girls!

Cali dancing with her girl posse. This girl ran around all night and danced the night away. It was so cute to watch! She wasn't shy at all about struttin her stuff:)
Ella & Cali getting ready to make Valentine's cards
Aubrey and her good friend Skyler

Me getting down with my bad self
My fun friend Susan. Sorry Susan, but how could I not post this picture? It captures you:) LOL
Aubrey doing the limbo

The next dance we went to was the elementary school's family dance. Joey was back in town for this one so we all enjoyed it together. We dressed up for a fun night of dancing, fun and friends.

Daddy's girls

Mama's girls. Don't you just love Cali's face?
Cali dancing with her big sis Ella
Aubrey with her best friend Kate(in the middle) and another good friend. Aubrey and Kate have become wonderful friends this year and I love it. Kate is a sweet girl!
Cali and her buddy Charley. We are friends with their family through church and school. They look a lot a like, don't they? Both petite with such beautiful curls!

So, there you have it. We likes to party. And get our groove on.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lots of love

Valentines Day 2010
Breakfast heart-shaped french toast

Family gift exchanges

Ella's card for Joey and I

This chick needs to put on some makeup. Pronto.
Aubrey made this the night before Valentines so we could all read it when we woke up. Such a sweetheart.

Sugar cookie decorating. A favorite tradition!

She decorated the cookie AND her face:)

Doesn't Joey look happy to be photographed? Looks like he can barely handle another minute of posing:)

The whole night Cali kept trying to grab the bottle of star sprinkles. We'd give her a handful and tell her to sprinkle from her hand. Well, she wanted to pour directly from the bottle. After we were all done, she somehow managed to sneak back in the kitchen without us noticing and dump alllll of the remaining sprinkles on her cookie. She got her way. And the funny thing is, she doesn't even like to eat sugar cookies. She never touched it. Aye, this girl:)
Hope you and your family had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow videos(please ignore the commentator...she is a dork)

My stud snowboardin...
Joey and Ella on a snowboard holding Cali in her laundry basket...
Ella's wipeout....
Ella conquers...

Aubrey & Cali's fun run...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh Happy Day

Today is the first day of my second trimester! To be out of the miscarriage "danger zone" is a relief. I know that with every part of pregnancy there are worries and things can go wrong, but passing the 12 week mark is something I've been looking forward to and anticipating for a long long time! We are so happy!!! I can't believe we are finally here.

p.s. I even added the baby ticker on the sidebar:) So fun!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow fun

Here we are: ready to play!

First we did mini-sledding down this teeny slope beside our house, on Joey's snowboard. The kids loved it:)

Then we started the task of building our snowman

Or should I say snow cowgirl:) Yeehaw!!

Joey and Aubrey stayed outside for about 2 hours longer than me and the little girls building a snow fort. It was pretty awesome!! I think that will be a memory Aubrey holds dear forever. Some one on one time with her Daddy.

Here is Ella smacking the tree branch with a broom handle so that the snow would fall on her:)

Zac with a snow beard
Yellow snow....

Cali saying, "Zaaa-aaac, no peepee on our snow!"

Happy faces

Later we went to an area nearby with big hills and tried our hand at sledding. We brought Joey's snowboards and a laundry basket. We invited a couple of other families to come out so the kids had a blast playing with their friends!

Aubrey and her friend Skyler zooming down the hill
Joey, Cali & Ella. Joey managed to hold onto the laundry basket while sliding down with Ella on the snowboard. That mans got skillz I tell ya:)
I just watched and took pictures the whole time(and yet I still managed to slip and fall somehow, I'm okay! But I felt stupid:) Joey snapped this cute pic of me and Cali. Cali had her tongue out pretty much all day:) She loved the taste of snow.

Aubrey and friends, Samantha, Paige & Courtney.
Our family after a fun day of snow play

Videos coming soon...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Record snowfall in North Texas

The Dallas area received just over 12 inches of snow last week! We have so many pictures that I'll have to break them up into probably 3 posts:) I decided to start off with a few pics of the scene around our house on Friday morning(kid pics and sled videos coming soon!)

The weight of the snow proved to be too much for one of our trees...yep, the branch snapped.
Our home in white. We are probably the only ones on the street who have evergreens in the front yard, which doesn't allow the snow to fall all over. Bummer.
A picture of down the street-this shows a better view of how much snow we received.

And the rest are just some pretty pictures from our front and backyard.