Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fondue Party at Grandma's

Backtracking to our Spring Break Corpus evening while we were at my parents, my mom got out her fondue fountain and we went to town dip dip dippin. The kids thought it was super cool!
Sheer delight. My face was the same way. Thats how I get about chocolate.

Daddy helping Cali girl

3 serious dippers
Time to enjoy our creations! We dipped strawberries, rice krispy balls, pretzels, marshmallows and donut holes. YUMMY.

My mom bought St. Patrick's sprinkles for that added touch(since it was St. Patty's week)

Someone decided to dip her face I think :)

Thanks Mama for a fun night!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Cali!!!

Today our little Cali turned the big "3" which I just can't believe. She is our baby, but is becoming a big girl way too fast. This year has been a year of big changes for her, especially in the vocabulary department. She has no problem telling us exactly what she thinks:) Gotta love her for that. One of the funny things she says all the time is, "No, its not" to just about everything. For example, she'll point to something and ask what it is and when I answer her she will every single time respond, "No, its not." And she doesn't say it in a silly way. She says it matter of factly. We are ALWAYS wrong. (Hopefully she decides we are right sometimes before she becomes a teenager or those year may be quite fun....:) A new thing she said this week that had me laughing was, "Thats impossible!" She is just talking so much. I swear every day she says something new. I love that about this age! Another wonderful thing about this year was that she became potty trained-day and night. Yeah baby!! I'm diaper free!! (for a few months anyways). We are so proud of her. Oh, and a not so great thing about this year was that she an accident (fell face first on our tile) that damaged her tooth. Its discolored now-poor kid. But thankfully its a baby tooth so it will be gone before we know it. She is a tough kid. She is more fearless and mischievous than our older two were so she gets hurt more often as a result. But I love that about her-her confidence and determination to do things, even if it has caused me a few gray hairs. She is a go-getter for sure! She keeps us on our toes. Oh, and I have to mention her latest dance and singing skills. She rocks in the music department. I have to post a video clip soon-she is so funny and so adorable! We love this little girl and the laughter she brings into our lives. I can't imagine life without this silly kid. I can't believe in just a few months, she will be a big sister. She is growing up and won't be the "baby" much longer. She doesn't want to be, she says she is a big girl now. Ok, Cali. I guess we'll let you be:)

Here is the birthday girl bright and early this morning. She woke up to find a happy birthday sign and a present on the floor. We wrapped a box of candy because that was something she said she wanted for her birthday. This kid loves candy. Ok, all kids do. But Cali takes it to a whole new level.
Opening her big present from Mommy & Daddy-a tricycle

Notice how she still holds the candy.
For breakfast we had donuts(her favorite) and then took Aubrey & Ella to school. I then baked cupcakes and got ready for her party we at at lunchtime. We busted the older two out of school for a couple of hours to help celebrate. Here are pictures from the Chuck E Cheese party. We invited 3 of her little friends(and their sibs) to spend an afternoon playing games, eating pizza and enjoying cupcakes and icecream. It was a fun party! Cali had a blast and I know everyone else did too.
Cali & fake Chuck E

Ella scored on tickets!
Time for pizza!

Cali and her buddy Naomi, born nine days apart. They are great friends. And I'm great friends with her mommy. So, thats, well, great. :)
Katie & Rachel, sisters(can you tell?:) Sidenote, Rachel wears a tiara everywhere everyday. She is a true princess! Love it.
Sisterly love
Tunnel time. Cali is our first kid that will play in the tunnels so young.

Cali's face while everyone sang to her, a small smile:) And do you like my strawberry topped strawberry cupcakes? Its all I could think of with a Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday. I thought it was kinda cute, but the whipped topping got a little melty. Oh well.

She blew out her candles in one blow-go Cali!
Princess Cali(the tiara was a gift from Rachel & Katie-Rachel picked it out:)
Thanks to Naomi, Christopher, Annelise, Katie & Rachel for coming to Cali's party!!
It was a great day for Miss Cali. I'm surprised she was able to fall asleep tonight after all the sugar she inhaled:) Donuts, cupcakes, cookies, icecream, candy. The makings of a perfect day:) We love you Cali!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Joey's birthday partay

While in Corpus, we had a family party for Joey's 33rd birthday. His parents and family cooked up a delicious feast(it was AMAZING-thank you so much!) and my parents and brothers came over as well with cake and icecream. By the end of the night, I looked about full-term pregnant thanks to all of the wonderful food:) It was a fun fun day celebrating our Joey!

Women in the kitchen. And thats me actually wearing a maternity-looking shirt. Not an actual maternity shirt mind you. But I do feel motherly wearing it. ;)

Ella made place cards for everyone and arranged them on the tables. She worked on these for an hour! They were so cute.
Aubrey and the boyz chillin

The cake my parents ordered. They superimposed Joey's head onto a pro snowboarder's body with the words "Can't Touch This!" So hilarious. Loved it!

The cute birthday boy about to blow out his candles. Hey, wait I forgot to spank him that day. I owe you 33 Joey. Plus one to grow on.

Most of the fam that was there smiling for a group shot.
Me and my guy

Sweet moments between Cali & Shelby. They just loved each other.

And the night ended with Aubrey losing another tooth-yea Aubrey! Thats number five.
We know how to party. Food, fun, and punching each others teeth out.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When life gives ya lemons....

...make lemonade! While we were in Corpus Christi visiting family last week, one of the kids favorite things was making lemonade. Joey's parents have a lemon tree in their backyard and the kids and their cousins had fun picking lemons and creating a refreshing drink on a warm afternoon.
Daddy helped the girls reach the high branches...

I just love this picture

Aubrey was a little unsure of being up so high :)
Cali proud of her lemon

Love the pose Kai :)

Before Joey helped the kids actually make real lemonade, they tried to make their own in old coconut shells. A bit seedy. And sour. But strangely enough, they were drinking it! No water or sugar added. Silly kids.
Then Joey busted out the good stuff
And lemonade making began!
Group shot: Don, Kai, Cali, Aubrey & Ella. Cousins and friends 4 life.
And it tasted really good. It reminded me of Chick Fil A's lemonade, but better! Good job guys.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Spring?

Saturday was the official first day of Spring. I don't think North Texas got that memo...