Tuesday, March 09, 2010

BYU vs TCU game

Last weekend we got tickets to watch the BYU vs TCU basketball game. A friend of ours was able to get a group rate of five bucks a ticket, so we decided to go check it out. We had never taken the kids to a basketball game before so we thought it'd be fun-and it was! Well, despite the sick pregnant mommy who had a bad headache turned to severe nausea in the car ride on the hour drive there....good times:) Sorry I made us stop a few times on the way there and made us late everyone! lol. Man, was I sick. I can laugh now. But I wasn't then:)

The view from the top
Go Cougs!(No, Joey and I didn't attend BYU, but we'll support the Mormon cause:)
Alyssa, Ella, Aubrey & Courtney. It was fun to go with friends!

Cali watching in her Daddy's arms.

This was the kids favorite part. When the frog dudes danced around.

We ended the evening with a trip to Chili's. Here are the girls in the waiting area, waiting on poor Aubrey's lap:) Ouchie.

Thanks Stromness family for coming with us! And yes, the Cougars won. BIG TIME. I love a good basketball game, especially when the team you are routing for wins!


Cynthia said...

Its always fun when you can do things such as this with your entire family even if they didn't really understand it all the fact you went as a family is what they will remember most oh yeah and maybe the frog dancers. At first I thought you were referring to the cheerleaders and I was like HOLLY then I realized there were frogs on the court heee heeee. Aubrey what a great friend to let all those silly girls have a sit on your tiny lap. Your a really really really great friend for sure.

Tonya said...

I thought the same thing about the cheerleaders. You so so many fun and different things. You are such a great mom who is giving your kids wonderful memories.

Marie Rayner said...

I've been playing catch up this morning Holly, and catching up on all my favourite blogging buddies. Have loved all the pictures and seeing what you have been up to. I just love your family. You guys are just the bestest! (and I mean that sincerely!) xxoo

tiburon said...

Looks like a blast!

Sorry to hear the Cougars won though...

Where is your write up on the Mayer!!!!????