Thursday, March 25, 2010

Joey's birthday partay

While in Corpus, we had a family party for Joey's 33rd birthday. His parents and family cooked up a delicious feast(it was AMAZING-thank you so much!) and my parents and brothers came over as well with cake and icecream. By the end of the night, I looked about full-term pregnant thanks to all of the wonderful food:) It was a fun fun day celebrating our Joey!

Women in the kitchen. And thats me actually wearing a maternity-looking shirt. Not an actual maternity shirt mind you. But I do feel motherly wearing it. ;)

Ella made place cards for everyone and arranged them on the tables. She worked on these for an hour! They were so cute.
Aubrey and the boyz chillin

The cake my parents ordered. They superimposed Joey's head onto a pro snowboarder's body with the words "Can't Touch This!" So hilarious. Loved it!

The cute birthday boy about to blow out his candles. Hey, wait I forgot to spank him that day. I owe you 33 Joey. Plus one to grow on.

Most of the fam that was there smiling for a group shot.
Me and my guy

Sweet moments between Cali & Shelby. They just loved each other.

And the night ended with Aubrey losing another tooth-yea Aubrey! Thats number five.
We know how to party. Food, fun, and punching each others teeth out.


tiburon said...

I am a firm believer that it isn't a party until you punch someone's tooth out. Looks like a great night - and that Ella is a KEEPER!

Amanda said...

You crack me up! Maybe we shouldn't invite you guys to our next party. :) Looks like it was tons of fun.

Tara D. said...

lol, you're so funny. I was laughing my booty off over here reading that last line of yours. :) Happy birthday again to Joey!

Kim said...

Happy 33rd birthday Joey! You don't look a day over 18! I'm not kidding! I remember when we found out you were the YM president and not a YM! :)

Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday again son you are still as young looking as ever and a great daddy to your girls and hubby to your wife. Hope you had a good time and we all enjoyed the good food and great company. Thanks to all that helped with it especially that great BBQ man Tata. We love the Joey Myster.

-Melissa- said...

Happy birthday Joey! Looks like a fun party. Love the cake.

Marie Rayner said...

haha loved it Holly, especially the teeth pulling out part! What a fun character you are! I just adore you. Looks like Joey celebrated in style! Great! xxoo

ACDC2005 said...

That cake is funny! Looks like you guys know how to partay your teeth out!

Oh and thanks for the scripture, it was awesome! You rock!