Sunday, April 11, 2010

Planting our family garden 2010

Last weekend we went down to Lowe's to choose the veggies and herbs for our family garden. We picked lots of peppers, onions, potatoes, peas, broccoli, basil, cilantro and tomatoes. And we actually still have a living strawberry patch and some oregano that survived all of the freezes and snow from last season, which is pretty cool! Here are a few pics of the fam doing some planting...

Looky, looky!

Cali helping out her Daddy. I love the little hand on his shoulder.
Aubrey making a funny face after she sees how dirty her gloves got:)

Then she realized I was taking her picture and decided to smile pretty.

After all of their hard work, Joey took them for a wagon ride with Zachary.

The girls, their puppy and their garden on a perfect Spring day.


Tara D. said...

I just planted a few herbs and veggies of my own just this morning. You inspired me! :) Love the pictures. Those girls are just so dang cute and probably the best little helpers there are!

the duchess said...

'Tis the season to plant! My friend just gave me a blackberry bush and I've got to get it in the ground pronto.

Ann Flower said...

Nice blog with nice picture of cuties having a great time in Gardening. It was nice going through your blog.

Grammy Staffy said...

Happy Spring.
I love the planting pictures from this post and the grandkid's garden post you did at Joey's folks. We have not planted our garden yet. Yikes!!! We had better get busy or it will be too late.

Now that we are home from our trip I got to catch up reading your blog. I JUST LOVE ALL OF THE EASTER PICTURES. You guys are the most fun family ever. You are great parents to take the time and energy and money to do so many fun things with your kids. I am sure that they are building a wonderful collection of memories.
I am glad that the fortune cookie was right. I am so excited you are having a boy. Your family will be just like mine. Your little one will be well taken care of by his 4 moms.... and spoiled a bit I am sure.

I hope that you are feeling well. I send love and hugs, Grammy


Love spring time!

Cynthia said...

I love your garden it looks so cool. I'm glad that your daddy built that garden box so well you are definitely getting your monies worth in memories and love. I can't hardly wait to taste them thar peppers. Hey save me some basil too I love to smell it I'd have it hanging in my Oz kitchen all year if I could. Good job everyone glad to see you all went for a wagon ride yeah for fun days.

Susan said...

Love all of these cute pictures!! That first one of Ella is making me crack up. I think it's great you guys have a garden. I still want one. {pout}