Friday, May 14, 2010

The best part of Mother's Day is....

Handmade cards and letters of love from your sweet children.

Here are the pages of a book Ella created for me at school. It was so cute and made me laugh....
Notice how she has drawn a picture of me on the couch watching TV "taking care of Cali" :)(which I actually never do, its more like the internet:)
And I think she must remember I said I played volleyball back in Jr. High(on the B team, yep, I rocked:)

This one was my favorite. I agree Ella. Anytime we are eating dessert together, I'm happy too:)

Aubrey made me a book of poetry filled with all different types of poems. It was so so sweet. She is a great writer and poet!

She picked green because it is my favorite color:)

This is a diamante-half of it is about me. Half about Joey. No, I'm not the buff one:)

Yep, I agree! I've got quite the guy!

I'm so grateful for such sweet girls that really showed they appreciate me!



Loved the pics Ella drew and the sweet and thoughtful poetry Aubrey made for you! I loved the cards the girls made for me also. Your girls are the sweetest!

the duchess said...

What a treasure.

Marie Rayner said...

Beautifully priceless gifts from some loving daughters! You will cherish these always! xxoo