Thursday, May 06, 2010

Bluebonnet Photo Shoot: Outtakes

Here are some of the pics that didn't turn out "picture perfect" but are still some of my favorite. Sometimes the silly ones are just as good.

Cali loved the camera that day...a little too much sometimes:)

Hamming it up

Aubrey and her "pose" she loves to do

Funny faces

Sleeping with a smile

Cali not loving the camera...

And again....
Aubrey didn't like laying in the bluebonnets(it will be our little secret). She said it was itchy and uncomfortable. We still made her lay in them for about 10 seconds. We are mean people.

Aubrey looking as though she is in pain. Patting Cali's head(not really, but it looks like it:) And Ella's lovely hair in her face.
Before the photo shoot, us girls looking really excited to be there:) hehe. And Cali thinking really hard about something.
And I'll end with our froggy
Hope they made you smile!


Kim said...

Very fun! I was excited to see a pic of you until I realized that your belly was still covered up. I'm waiting to see your cute pregnant self!

Tara D. said...

Okay Holly, it doesn't look like Aubrey is patting Cali's head at all. It looks like she's angrily yanking Cali by her right pig tail, lol. Look at it from my perspective and you will crack up laughing. But yes, these were all so cute and comical. And Aubrey, if it makes you feel better, I wouldn't like lying in them either. It's way too itchy for me.

Cynthia said...

Too cute. Aubrey I agree with you when we made Shelby do the same she didn't seem to be to happy with us. But your still adorable a professional for sure we couldn't tell at all. Ella what a very pretty sleeping beauty. Cali I love your froggy picture you are so funny lil girl.

Suzie said...

I've loved all the shots but seriously, this post shows those little ladies & their true colors.
Cali's the bomb!

Pedaling said...

of course they made me smile.
i think i'm in love with the color of bluebells!

Katie said...

So cute! Out-takes are the best. Your girls are too fun and cute to be true.

tiburon said...

Those are too funny! I wish we had some blue bonnets here!