Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ella's Spring Dance Recital 2010

Ella's dance recital was last night and I know the grandparents don't want me waiting another day before posting pics:) So here they are! Ella did such a great job(of course!). We were really proud of her. She and her class dance to "You'll always find your way back home" by Hannah Montana. It was a really fun spunky dance(with some pretty fun spunky costumes to match:)...Ella loved it and thats what matters. Her two favorite colors!) Ella was the cutest kid out there, no she is posing for a few pre-recital pics that Joey took.

This one is my favorite. Lots of 'tude to match the diva-ish costume.

Ella and friends waiting their turn to line up on the stage...Ella looks a little nervous here.
But she warms up fast before heading onstage!
There was no flash photography and videotaping allowed so these are the best shots I could get(And of course we videotaped anyways. Shoot, we are paying for this! Of course I'm videotaping!)

After the show, Joey gave her some pretty roses. Sweet Daddy.

Ella and sisters.
The fam.
Ella and her flowers. I'm pretty original with these captions today:)

And dinner and dessert of her choice. Chick Fil A for chicken strips and playtime. Chili's for molten cake. Good choices Ella!

Our little diva rocked it. Great job Ella! It was a fun Saturday evening for our family.


Tara D. said...

She's so beautiful- yes, she was the cutest one there. No bias here either, lol. :) Good job, Ella!!!

Patty said...

Wow Ella, lookin good! Your outfit was stylin. You have a talent for dancing. I'm sure you were the best little dancer out there. You're certainly the cutest!!
Love, Grandma

Cynthia said...

Whooo hooo Ella I love it all and hey you are definitely alsoooo the most photogenic. I can't wait to see the dance. I love how you make your costume look simply devine my dear. I know you got great dancing genes going on so no doubts there sweetie. Love you and love that you were able to get out there and show your great talent. Aubrey and Cali thanks for clapping extra hard and for being such cute sisters great pictures everyone.

Rick said...

That one shot is fantastic- attitude in spades. Way to go Ella, wish we were there.
And good job Aubrey and Cali cheering Ella on.

Grammy Staffy said...

Way to go Ella!!! What a pretty little dancer you are. I wish that I could have been there to see you dance.
Hello dear Holly. I have missed you while I was gone. I am sending hugs, Lura

Marie Rayner said...

Oh, I am just betting she rocked the whole show!! Way to go Ella! I just love reading about all the lovely things your family gets up to Holly! Y'all are so sweet and loveable! xxoo

-Melissa- said...

Way to go Ella!! Love the costume. Glad you had a fun night.

tiburon said...

What a cutie! LOVE the outfit!

I bet she can bust a move!


HOORAY for Ella the little dancing diva! Glad it was a good dance recital and good treats afterward! Miss those cute girls.