Saturday, May 01, 2010

School Carnival Fun

A couple of weekends ago, Joey took Aubrey & Ella to the annual school carnival. I was sick that day(boooo!) and Joey saved the day by taking them. I love what a fun, wonderful, and capable Dad he is! If I'm sick, he takes perfect care of me and the kids. I have no worries(well other than clothing choices-lol-which btw I picked out their clothes for them on this day:) and I'm able to rest and get better quick. And if I'm out of town for any reason, I have no concerns about his abilities to take great care of them, feed them, and have a great time with them. I'm a lucky girl!Thanks Joey for being the BEST! Here are pics from their fun day together. . .

Cake Walkin
Plinko Fun

Ella and her teacher, Mrs. McDaniel

About to race!

A ducky game of some sort
A friend of ours' son, Ethan, was in the pie eating contest. I think he got 3rd place-go Ethan! I thought this picture was funny:) Pie faced and happy with his trophy.
The girls after the carnival with all of their loot. They came home and shared with me and Cali girl(who had been watching cartoons with me on the couch) Sweet girls. I'm so glad they were able to go and have a fun time.


the duchess said...

Both of those tops are adorable.

Marie Rayner said...

It looks like they had a grand time!! Lucky that you have such a good man as Joey who is so capable! Hope you are feeling better now! Love ya loads! xxoo

Cynthia said...

YEAH I love school carnivals. What a great dad for sure and mom for making sure they were dressed quite stylishly.

Grammy Staffy said...

I am sorry that you were not feeling well but I am glad that Joey takes good care of you and the girls. What a fun school carnival they had.
Give the girls a hug from me... and take one for you and Joey too.

Tonya said...

Hope you get feeling better. There is nothing like a school carnival to brighten the day!