Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sweet tomatoes

This has definitely been my favorite fruit in our garden this year....cherry tomatoes. So juicy and sweet. Nothing better than picking your own from your backyard, rinsing them off and tossing them into a salad for dinner. Okay, so we only got enough for one salad one night...but still...it was cool:)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

We love Daddy

Last week (the week before Father's Day) Joey was gone for the scouts High Adventure(he is 1st counselor in the YM presidency so he gets to go on all sorts of camping trips). It was 6 loooong days without him here. I'll admit I complained:( And there were days I was weepy. Cali gave me a harder time than usual and it was an especially busy week. I have a couple of friends whose husbands have had to leave for almost 2 years for military deployment and a couple of friends whose husbands constantly travel for work weeks at a time, so I seriously feel like a big wuss compared to them! And I shouldn't complain. But it is really hard for me to handle when hes not here. I just love him so much and he helps me so much that when hes gone its like a part of me is missing. Plus, he is my best friend and the evenings make me sad when hes not here to talk to and to hang out with. I had a harder time with him leaving this time around because of these darn pregnancy hormones too. I've been crazy emotional for the past couple of months anyways! I'm a mess! :) So, what I'm trying to get at was that having him not here made me appreciate him ten times more and made Father's Day a lot more meaningful to me and the kids. We made sure on that day we spoiled him and took lots of good care of him. We were just so happy to have him back! Sidenote: Thank you to my awesome friend Sarah for your help, for coming over to hang out and for dinner-you made my week ten times better girlfriend! :)

The girls and I made his favorite: crepes. We stuffed them with sugared strawberries, nutella, whip cream and strawberry syrup. It was basically a diabetic coma breakfast:) Here are the girls being big helpers...

Here are the girls in front of their handmade cards and gifts right before we went upstairs to wake up Daddy(we let him sleep in till about 10, so glad we have 11:00 church this year!).

Rise and shine Daddio!
Aubrey left a few magna doodle messages around the house too:) It was so sweet.

Cali enjoying the crepe she created. She got a hold of the chocolate syrup and poured just about the whole bottle on top:)

Aubrey made signs for everyones chairs. Each one was so cute. Here is Joey's chair...
Time for gifts! So, Joey picked himself out a new weedeater/edger thingy for the yard, but I decided to get him a little extra something. He just hit his 10 year mark with T-Mobile and get this, they didn't recognize jack. He got an email congratulating him for 10 years and thats it. An email!??! That infuriated me and I know it upset him. Way to make your employees feel good T-Mobile! Anyways, I special ordered a plaque for him and I think it turned out nice(his last name is there-I just edited the photo)

And here are a few of the gifts the girls created. Aubrey made this frame at Activity Days(this was actually the activity I did with the kids-I'm one of the leaders). I had taken their pictures with their dads at a daddy/daughter dinner back in February and then had them make frames for Father's Day gifts. I thought they turned out super cute.

Ella made about 3 or 4 cards and a "book" for Joey about the things she did while he was gone. She spent hours Saturday night creating him things. And she kept saying, "Daddys gonna love this" over and over:) Here is one of the cards that cracked me up. If you can't read it, it says "Happy Fathers Day I hope you got sleep in"

And Ella was extra thoughtful and helped Cali make Joey a gift too. She helped her color a picture and then helped her wrap up a "treasure"(a dollar and a chuck e cheese token) for him with construction paper. Later, we fixed him lunch and a yummy dinner, let him take a long nap and finished the day with a back massage. Can you tell we love this guy? We sure do. He is the best.
And also a belated Happy Father's Day to the other Dads/Grandpas in our life: Grandpa, Tata & Great Grandpa Adams. We love you very much!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Macaroni Fun

The other day our little curly headed cutie was finding all sorts of enjoyment with her macaroni and cheese. . .
All kids make this creation at some point in their lives, you know the one-the "macaroni fork." I remember doing this last week years ago myself.

This was one I hadn't seen before. Macaroni between the teeth.
And here she is just making silly faces while looking at herself in the pot.
Dinner is never boring with a 3 year old. Kids definitely teach you to find fun in everything you do.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Swim lessons: Check

Every summer I put the kiddos in swim lessons to improve their mad swimmin skillz:) This was Cali's first year to do it without me with her in the water. She started off unsure and threw some pretty mean looks the instructors' way, but by day 3 was loving it. It was so fun to watch her get over some fears and enjoy her class. I was really proud of her! Something funny was how she was very anti-male. She would only go to the girl instructor. She would come home every day and say, "I don't like boys!" So funny. Someday that will change. . .I'll enjoy this hatred of strange boys while I can:)

Last summer Ella really learned how to swim, but this year perfected her strokes. I saw huge improvements in her arms with her frontstroke and backstroke. She does it so well! And she is also super speedy. A little fish this girl is! She was lucky to have 3 of her friends in her class this year and had lots of fun. She was always smiling.

Aubrey was in Level 3 swim and graduated to Level 4! She had done Level 3 twice and was really hoping to pass this time around. The smile on her face when they told her she did pass was priceless. She has perfected her rotary breathing and can swim long distances. She can also do all kinds of strokes that I honestly don't know the name of(I never was a huge swimmer!). She looks like a pro out there! And a funny little sidenote, she had a little crush on one of her instructors:) She got into the car after the first day and said to me, "Did you see my instructors mom!?" with this little one eyebrow raised smile:) Silly girl. So while Cali disliked the boys, Aubrey was the opposite. And Ella didn't really care:) All so different!

The kids on the last day of class. Lollipops, friends and certificates. Three of my best friends here also put their kids in the same session. So here are their kids and mine(except Alyssa). It was fun to have mommies to chat with during lessons. So it was fun for me and the kids-score!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pictures that made me laugh today

I was looking through pictures from our Corpus trip and laughed out loud at a few of these gems...sorry Tara...but you know this is funny. I wonder what she was thinking about. It seems to me she was contemplating what her bodies reaction to all the beans was going to be that evening. And it also seems she came to the sad realization it wasn't going to be good.

This is funny and also totally scares the crud outta me. Tortilla face Aubrey. Don't get her angry. She may bite.

I thought it was so cute when Ella decided to put the card table and chairs on their bed at Joey's parents house. Cute until the mattress popped(just kidding)

And not only that, but Cali decided to bring a baby bumbo seat up there too. And she then crammed herself into it. And chilled with her blankie.
Just had to share a few random funnies today :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our little princess

I think Zac is having gender issues.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aubrey's recital pieces

Here is Aubrey playing her recital pieces at home. We did videotape with our actual camcorder at the recital, but that is too hard to upload to the computer(for me anyways:) So here are two clips from my digital camera. The first piece is Sevivon, Sov, Sov, Sov. The second is Waltzing Matilda. Enjoy!

Aubrey's 1st Piano Recital

Aubrey played in her first piano recital this past Saturday and did a wonderful job! She started lessons back in September and has progressed amazingly well. Not only is she getting so good, she loves to play and practice(hope that lasts!) She has a great teacher that loves music and loves to teach. Her enthusiasm and ability to make it fun makes it so Aubrey looks forward to her lesson every week. She actually chose to go to her piano lesson over a school function once(I was like, wha??? :) She was pretty nervous about playing in front of people, but she did it, and we were so proud. Yea Aubrey!
Phew! Its over:)

Aubrey and her teacher, Bethany

After the recital, her teacher held a "piano auction" which she does twice a year. The kids earn music money throughout the year(for practicing, good posture, passing off songs, attending lessons, etc). Then they get to use their money to bid on cool stuff. Its a really fun idea! Aubrey won a fun movie bucket: movie, popcorn, candy and soda(and luckily she shared with us:)

And of course, Daddy brought his girl flowers. He didn't disappoint:)
Aubrey, you did so awesome! You are a very talented pianist already! I can't believe what you've been able to accomplish in less than a year. We love you.
p.s. Video clips up next.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Last Day of School 2010

Here are the girls all ready to go on their last day of school. . .

I had to post this picture of their first day of school. I love to compare:) They have changed and grown so much this year! Aubrey's haircut makes her look a ton older. And then Ella has lost some of that baby fat on her cheeks:)

Aubrey and a couple of her friends, Addyson and Josie.
Ella hugging her friend Karaline goodbye. . .
And I had to get a picture in front of the Glen Oaks sign this year. . .just in case we move (its a possibility right now-I'll keep you updated.)
We are so proud of both of them and their many accomplishments this year. They are both at the top of their classes academically, highest level readers in their classes, as well as math and writing. And their teachers both couldn't tell me enough how sweet and loving they are to their peers and teachers. And what good examples they are to others. Aubrey is a born leader. And Ella is super friendly to all. They are great girls. I couldn't have asked for better kids!!! They are the best!!! Now, its time to enjoy summer :)

Corpus Sunshine

Here are some outdoor fun pics we took while in Corpus Christi. We had lots of fun in the sun!!