Friday, June 04, 2010

Austin's HS Graduation

We went to Corpus Christi last weekend for my brother, Austin's, highschool graduation(GO BLUFF!) We are very proud of him and all of his accomplishments! He graduated 7th in his class, received scholarships, hes a math whiz, etc. And on top of that, he also graduated the church's seminary program which I think is even better. He will be attending Texas A&M College Station next year and will then put in his papers for his mission in the spring. GO AUSTIN! Your future is bright.
The top 10 lined up after receiving their diplomas(he is 7th from the left)

Pics of the fam in the audience-the kids were really really good. We drove up the same day, so that means they had 8 hours in the car on top of a 2 hour graduation. I thought it might be a nightmare, but they survived:) They also knew there would be pizza afterwards, so that helped.
My sis, Mama & Ella
Joey's mom, Cyndi, was also able to attend. Thanks Cyndi for being there!
We took some family shots after the ceremony. They turned out really nice with the bay behind us. You can even see the Lexington in the background of this one. So, this is me and my fam. Yep, I'm the shortie. :)
Austin with Joey and I's clan

The girls and their Uncle Austin
My 3 cute bros
And that wraps it up. Austin is officially graduated. Crazy. I remember when he was born, which makes me feel old. Oh wait, I am now. 30 is coming in just a couple of months....yikes.


ACDC2005 said...

Congrats to Austin! What a great accomplishment!

the duchess said...

Yeah, you're sooooooooooo old. ;o)

Grammy Staffy said...

Congrats to Austin! I bet our Austin will be there before we know it. Time really speeds by...especially at my age.

By the way my dear..... at 30 you are still a babe!!! Believe me I know. I am looking at 66 around the corner. How the heck did I get so old????

I hope you are doing well. Hugs, Lura

Marie Rayner said...

Congrats to Austin. What handsome graduate and what a lovely looking family you have. I'm with Lura!! I wish I was 30!!! XXOO

Tara D. said...

Congrats again to Austin. BTW, you labeled one of the pictures wrong. Aub is actually Ella, unless you changed their names or something and didn't let us know. ;)