Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Swim lessons: Check

Every summer I put the kiddos in swim lessons to improve their mad swimmin skillz:) This was Cali's first year to do it without me with her in the water. She started off unsure and threw some pretty mean looks the instructors' way, but by day 3 was loving it. It was so fun to watch her get over some fears and enjoy her class. I was really proud of her! Something funny was how she was very anti-male. She would only go to the girl instructor. She would come home every day and say, "I don't like boys!" So funny. Someday that will change. . .I'll enjoy this hatred of strange boys while I can:)

Last summer Ella really learned how to swim, but this year perfected her strokes. I saw huge improvements in her arms with her frontstroke and backstroke. She does it so well! And she is also super speedy. A little fish this girl is! She was lucky to have 3 of her friends in her class this year and had lots of fun. She was always smiling.

Aubrey was in Level 3 swim and graduated to Level 4! She had done Level 3 twice and was really hoping to pass this time around. The smile on her face when they told her she did pass was priceless. She has perfected her rotary breathing and can swim long distances. She can also do all kinds of strokes that I honestly don't know the name of(I never was a huge swimmer!). She looks like a pro out there! And a funny little sidenote, she had a little crush on one of her instructors:) She got into the car after the first day and said to me, "Did you see my instructors mom!?" with this little one eyebrow raised smile:) Silly girl. So while Cali disliked the boys, Aubrey was the opposite. And Ella didn't really care:) All so different!

The kids on the last day of class. Lollipops, friends and certificates. Three of my best friends here also put their kids in the same session. So here are their kids and mine(except Alyssa). It was fun to have mommies to chat with during lessons. So it was fun for me and the kids-score!


Grammy Staffy said...

How fun. I wish that you could all come and swim in my pool again.
I am glad that you are all enjoying the summer.
Hugs, Lura

Marie Rayner said...

LOok how tall Aubrey is getting!! Wow! Love your girls HOlly! They are so sweet. I always loved summer and my swimming lessons! Especially the hunky instructors, so Aubrey is a gal after my own heart! lol I have not been in a pool in years now, although I do have a swim suit. I'm just not that sure anyone would want to see me in it! Love and hugs! xxoo

Cynthia said...

How cute are these pictures. I love seeing them in all their different areas of growth thanks for posting and commenting it helps to keep us aware of where they are in all their progressions. Yeah for Cali little miss independent, Ella woot woot for those great strokes and fast swimming you and Kai can race some day well maybe, and Aubrey YEAH congratulations for your new Level 4 awesomeness all the way everyone. Loved the pictures.


Such a great thing for all of the girls! Way to go to Aubrey, Ella and Cali for improving and being cute little fish!

ACDC2005 said...

I wish I had gotten swim lessons as a kid. I started swimming early but I didn't really know how so it was all self taught and it would've been nice to learn how to do it so I could feel a little more comfortable swimming laps and such. They are lucky little girls! Glad they all had fun and passed their classes!

Tara D. said...

Yay! I'm so glad they all loved the swim lessons and so proud of them too. :)