Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Anniversary Vacay

For our ten year anniversary, Joey and I took a two-day mini vacay where we stayed at the Gaylord Texan hotel, dined, relaxed, swam and shopped. We also visited the Dallas LDS Temple together which brought back lots of memories. It was wonderful to be there together on our anniversary and remember some of the covenants we made on that special day.

So, we decided to keep this years celebration simple(seeing as that I'm just eight weeks away from my due date and not extremely comfortable these days). No big trips for me. But simple is what made this trip so great. It was perfect! Oh, and a shoutout to my Mom for watching the girls for us so we could go on this trip. Thanks Mom! I love you!

This was how our vacation began. A rose on my seat when I got into the car:) I am married to a romantic.
The first thing we did was go to the temple together(a different day than when we took the kiddos). I loved being there just the two of us. Then we went to dinner at Texas De Brazil. It was an awesome place with great food and service. Plus we had a coupon which made it half price-woot woot:) I'm all about coupons. This place had an amazing salad bar and the Brazilian style meats that they bring to your table don't stop coming. I was stuffed!
Then we went to our hotel where Joey went in first to surprise me with Godiva chocolates and roses on the bed. Isn't he sweet? And yes, I shared the candy with him. It was hard to, but I did:)

Then we did a little walking around inside the hotel. This hotel is so elegant and so HUGE. The other perk to this hotel is that most of its amenities are indoors(a big plus for a 32 week pregnant chick in Dallas, Texas, in the summer). Right now the hotel is having this Alice in Wonderland theme going on so there were some fun things to check out like this sand sculpture.

Here is the ginormous white rabbit's clock. I don't see how you can be late carrying this thing around.

A huge flamingo shrubery.

A huge pregnant lady.

A pretty fountain(isn't this place beautiful?) Its all inside!

Me and my man. Notice how he has to lean over to put his arms around me:) This baby is getting big!

Joey was so funny. He saw two ferraris(Is that what this car is? I can't remember) outside the hotel and had to take a picture. Oh, and not just one picture, like ten pictures. Men and cars.

The next morning I found this in the bathroom. He was so cute with his little surprises around every corner. I love this guy!

We walked around, went to the pool, ate breakfast and then did some shopping together. We checked out of the hotel and then it poured rain. Crazy rain. But that didn't stop us. Oh no. We were wild and crazy and went to Keva Juice to get smoothies and sat for an hour or more just reading our books we brought side by side. We are party animals! :) It was so fun to just chill. Not too often parents get to do that! Oh, and this is a picture of Joey's moon roof. We just thought the water droplets looked cool.

We finished our little trip with dinner and a movie(Eclipse!) at Gold Class Cinemas. Seriously the coolest movie theater ever. The chairs were so big, so soft and could recline with a push of a button. You are served a nice dinner. You are brought blankets. Its like first class in an airplane, but movie theater style. I loved it! Its pricey but worth it for a special occasion. Not somewhere I'd just go all the time of course, but definitely somewhere I'd like to go a couple of times a year. This picture was taken in the lobby area where you order your food before you go into the theatre. Thanks waiter dude for taking our picture!
Here I am gettin cozy before the show. This was the perfect movie experience for a prego gal.

This trip was a much-needed little getaway!.I loved every bit of it. We just relaxed and enjoyed each other and ate lots of good food. Whats better than that? Nothing.

Thanks Joey for making every bit of it special-I LOVE YOU!


-Melissa- said...

Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like you guys had a fun little get away. That theater looks awesome.

Tara D. said...

Aw, how sweet! I'm glad you enjoyed your anniversary, it looks fab. :) You two are indeed perfect for one another, happy anniversary again.


Fun, fun, fun! You and Joey deserved it. BY the way You and Joey make a great looking couple - I have to say you both look amazing in the first pic in the theater. Love you guys and congrats!

jOeY said...

I had so much fun! Thanks for planning all the cool pregger-friendly activities. Everything was perfect. I'm glad I was able to surprise you with a couple things. Just keeping it real yo. :) I love you and here's to many more years to come.

the duchess said...

You look right at home in that reclining chair. Just what every fancy Nancy queen deserves.

tiburon said...

What a romantic guy you have there! And that looks like a fabulous hotel - and you are one hot pregnant lady!