Sunday, July 18, 2010

Grandma visits!

My mom came and spent a week with us at the beginning of this month. It was so fun to have her here! We did lots of fun stuff together and she was able to spend a lot of quality one on one time with our girls while Joey and I were gone for two days. When we picked her up from the airport, we took her out to one of her favorite places, The Rainforest Cafe, just us girls. I forgot my camera, but took a phone pic which turned out super cute...
We played lots of rounds of Peanuts(an old family favorite). I taught the girls how to play a couple of weeks before she came so they were ready to rock. Our family seriously can play this for hours! My mom is known to be a peanut champ, so when I beat her once it just about made my day(or lifetime:) Thanks for letting me win Mom.

Here are a couple of pictures of my mom and the girls at the temple, the day of our anniversary. My mom was the one behind the camera for the family pics I posted previously(Thanks again Mom, they turned out perfect!)

We hit Chili's on our way home from the temple because thats where our family went that day ten years ago for lunch. Ahhh, the memories it brought back!

Other things we did together: visited a nearby park for an afternoon, went to the pool & went to the aquatic center. We also spent July 4th together(next post) which was fun too! And while Joey and I were gone, my mom did candy jewelry making with them, games, movie night, shopping, and eating lots of treats. They had a blast with her. We all did. Thanks Mom for coming to visit and everything you did for all of us. We love you!


Grammy Staffy said...

What a wonderful mom you have. It looks like she had a great time with you and the girls.
How do you play peanut? It looks like a fun game our family would like.
Have a good week. Hugs, Lura

jOeY said...

Thanks for visiting Patty! Holly and I had tons of fun on our anniversary. Your anniversary party was such a cute idea.

Patty said...

I had a wonderful time visiting! We always have so much fun. I love you guys and miss you so much. Wish we lived closer:( Thanks for all your hospitality!!


Your Mom looks so good and young! I miss her, she is such a special person and such a great MOm and I'm sure Grandma!

-Melissa- said...

Looks like you had a lots of fun with your mom. I bet the girls just love having her visit. Grandmas are the best.