Tuesday, August 10, 2010

80's forever baby

My really good friend, Amanda, threw an 80's party for her husband, Joe's, 30th birthday last week. So fun! 80's apparel was requested, so we got out our best stuff and went to the party in style. Okay, so I didn't go too crazy seeing as that I'm 8 months prego and nothing cool fits me, but at least I tried and accessorized with big earrings, a big bangle and a side ponytail with a hair scrunchy(all hot pink of course:) Oh, and my Converse shoes. Joey looked like a stud with his Star Wars tee, Oakley neon sunglasses(his originals from back in the day) and a cool hat flipped up. Oh yes, and the pants rolled up and hot pink shoe laces. Classy. The 80's were pretty awesome, weren't they? :) It was a super fun party that we had lots of fun at together. Thanks Joe & Amanda for a totally radical time!

The studs(the guy in the middle with the sunglasses and candy lips won "best dressed." He is showing off his prize: Bargain Hunter, the board game)

The gals(The girl with the hair spray, Aqua Net of course, was the best dressed girl. She was wearing her mom's old dress from 1981:)

The party hostess and birthday boy
And Joey lookin ultra cool.

It was a fun night away without the kiddos and definitely a night with lots of laughs! Happy Birthday Joe! Thanks for inviting us to help celebrate.


the duchess said...

Rad! Like, totally awesome, dude.

Grammy Staffy said...

What a fun party.... and I think you look great!

I hope that you are feeling well. I'm sending hugs, Love, Lura

ACDC2005 said...

so rad! The girl who won the aqua net...I want her dress. Or her mom's dress anyway, haha. Also loving the tunage!

Marie Rayner said...

What fun Holly!! What a sweet couple you and Joey are! Love you loads! xxoo

Amanda said...

Woo-hoo... I made the blog!! It was a fun night and we were so glad you guys could come!