Thursday, August 12, 2010

Girly stuff for Miss Vivian

My very best friend, Laura, just had her baby girl! She was born August 9th and is a BEAUTY! A couple of weeks ago I tried my hand at making a few little hair accesories and beanie for her(okay, I don't mean actually sewing or crocheting anything, just glue gunning and cutting stuff:) For me, this is big y'all!! I had to post a picture of the stuff I made so people could comment and lie telling me they are cute(right? :)

I also bought this cute lavendar tutu from a little boutique nearby called Sugar & Spice. Totally cute. And I asked my amazingly talented friend Susan to make a card for her. Susan makes the most beautiful cards I have ever seen! Here is the card she made especially fror Laura (grabbed the picture from her blog). It turned out perfect. You have to go to her blog to see the other things she has created-gorgeous stuff! Thanks Susan!And I'll finish this post with a picture of the new little princess: Vivian Reign Hirschi
Welcome little one! We love you!! Hope you love your girly gifts!


Abby said...

You did a great job on the hair accessories and the card is too adorable. Laura's little girl is so precious.

I'm so excited for you! Can't wait until you have pictures of your new little one to post.

Cynthia said...

Those are cute and I love those hair ornanments they are fun to see on the girls for sure. The card is awesome I tried my hand at that once .......... yeah I'll leave it to the more talented. I love her name Vivian that is so pretty. Congratulations Laura. Good job Holly.

Secret word: viver

the duchess said...

And you said you don't craft--good job! I'm so sad I wasn't able to make your shower. That was a very crazy day but hopefully there'll be another girl's night soon.


I love, love, love the accessories you made for Vivian. I can't wait for her to get a little bigger so she can wear them. Also I am amazed at that beautiful card - your friend is very talented! Definitely going in the baby book! Thanks again Auntie Holly!