Saturday, August 07, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Zachary!

Yesterday was our pupsters first birthday! He has been such a blessing in our lives. I was looking through pictures and thinking about our first 10 months with him(we bought him when he was 9 wks old) and we have made so many fun memories. Okay, so the first couple of months of puppyhood had its moments, but we survived them(thanks to Cesar Milan books I scoured I trained him pretty quick) He is really the BEST dog, no bias:) I'm glad I did my research well before we bought him. His personality & breed fit perfectly with us and hes definitely ours for life. He is so sweet.

So, he is 99% housebroken-in the past 4-5 months, he has had one accident which I think is incredible for his age/type of dog. He is a smarty pants and can do all kinds of commands-sit, down, roll over, play dead, shake hands, stay & come. He loves to give kisses, he LOVES walks, he loves his crate and has never been a big whiner/barker, he loves the kids and has never tried to hurt them and has just been the perfect dog for our family. He is also still so tiny, which we love. He is probably only about 5 lbs. I don't like medium/big dogs so I'm glad he didn't grow too much this year:) He is mischievous sometimes with the kids toys-if they leave a barbie down or a stuffed animal with marble eyes, then the barbie will lose her toes and the stuffed animals eyes will be toast:) But I think this has actually helped the kids learn to keep their toys off the floor downstairs so its been good, especially with Ammon coming very soon. He is pretty obedient but will test us sometimes, but isn't that true with children too? lol. He and Cali are sometimes very alike....:)

Here are a couple of one year shots of him. He is pretty darn cute.
Look at that little pose with his leg sticking out. He knows hes good lookin:)

Here are pics from his "birthday party." We made a cake(which of course he couldn't eat-we're mean!) but we also bought him his own "birthday" treats, so we aren't that mean.
The kids were so excited to sing to him.

And help blow out his candle...

These are the treats the kids picked out. Ain't too shabby-we all tried a bite:)

Here he is with one in his mouth. He walked around like that for like 15 minutes. He just licks it and hides it in places around the house. It is so funny. Its like his little treasure. I broke off a tiny piece and let him eat it and he liked it, but still, he won't take a bite. Hes having too much fun carrying it around and hiding it everywhere.
We bought him a couple of presents-a furry frog and a dog tag with his name/our phone # engraved on the back.
He loved them! See, he is smiling...
And heres chocolate-faced Cali holding his dog tag for a picture. Not sure what the funny face was all about, but it cracks me up.
Happy Birthday Zac! We are so happy you are part of our family:)


the duchess said...

Happy birthday puppy! The leg sticking out is pretty dang cute.

Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday Zach looks like you had a fun birthday party for sure. I love the picture of his leg out and the one of Joey holding him on profile. He is a keeper for sure.

P.S. Secret word: surboff~what?

Marie Rayner said...

Happy Birthday to Zac! It doesn't seem possible that he is a year old already! What a cutie pie! xxoo


Can't believe that cute little pup is one and that he has been part of your fam for 10 months already! Happy bday Zackipoo!!!!

Amanda said...

Love the pic of him with the dog treat. That is too funny! I'm sure sometime in the future you will find some moldy, gross treat hiding in your shoe or something. :)

hoLLy said...

haha!! yeah, if i smell something funky in a couple of weeks, i'll search the shoes:)

Grammy Staffy said...

Zack is a darling all right. Happy birthday Zack.

Come over and share my joy with me. I have wonderful news and feel very blessed and thankful.

I hope that you are feeling well...24 days to go...YEAH

Tara D. said...

Aw, what sweet pictures! :) Zac is in heaven over there, I'm so glad you guys found him.

Wanda Roe said...

I'm so glad he stayed little (he was the smallest of the litter) and the smaller they are the cuter they are IMHO!

I'm so glad you love him and that hs is housebroken! It just made my day to see the pictures.

~ Wanda