Wednesday, August 04, 2010

It was Pioneer Day and we actually did something pioneerish

So I decided to be ultra cool and try my hand at making freezer jam last week-for my first time ever! It was Pioneer Day and I thought we'd do something pioneerish(I just made up that word cuz I'm cool like that). Here we are on that Saturday making our strawberry turned out scrumdiddlyumcious. And a big thanks to my lil helpers!

We also decided to have the girls shake up their own butter by putting whipping cream in jars. Their arms got tired but they did it! It was so cute to see their faces when they opened up their little containers and saw what they had made.

The next day we baked bread in the bread machine and enjoyed our little homemade treat. I was so proud of us! You get so much satisfaction when you make something yourself.

Now that we've had this, I'm not sure I'll ever want to buy storebought jam again!


Marie Rayner said...

What a fun "pioneer" project!! I just loved seeing all the happy and amazed faces!! You are the best mom Holly! I mean that sincerely! xxoo

jOeY said...

It was shore gooood.

Grammy Staffy said...

I love the cute pictures.... how I wish I had some of that jam..... hay....would you like to trade some jam for some honey???? If we just lived close we could work out a deal.
How are you feeling? I'm sending love. I am glad to be back in blog world.


SO CUTE!!!! You always have such cute creative ideas for your family to enjoy!