Thursday, September 30, 2010

Smiles for Daddy

One of the best parts of my day is watching this little angel smile....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back 2 Church

Today was the first Sunday we all went to church together since Ammon has been born. Yea! We took a few pictures beforehand of the kids in the Sunday clothes. I actually think these pics are the first we've taken of just the 4 of them together. Check out our 4(wow, that sounds like a lot!) kiddos all dressed up and lookin mighty fine.

And Joey took a couple of the lil guy sportin his polo and cords. Quite stylin today.

Church went great. No baby screaming, no diaper explosions & no spit up all over my shirt. Kids were well behaved(we're lucky, they usually are). And Cali went to nursery without too much of a problem. Doesn't get better than that! Oh wait, it does, Ammon burped loud during RS. It was awesome. :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3 weeks old

Ok, so officially I took these pictures at 2 1/2 weeks old, but whatever:) Today Ammon is 3 weeks old, which means next week he will be a month old. Crazy! The time has flown! Ammon is a little treasure that I just want to hold all day long. My favorite part of each day is when he is in cuddle mode. He loves to just rest his head on my shoulder and lay on me and I love that about him. I think he loves me! :) He is starting to smile more and more and make little sounds even. Its so fun to watch this lil guy. He is such a blessing. The other day I was just holding him and staring at him for the longest time while he slept. This overwhelming feeling of gratitude came over me. I couldn't fight back a tear or two. Last year I wondered if we'd even be able to have any more children, much less a son after all of our struggles. And here I am, holding a little angel. My son. Wow, every time I say it, I smile. We have a son! I'm just so grateful.
Isn't he perfect?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I love my big sister

Cali has taken on the role of big sister spectacularly(listening to Mommy & Daddy, not so much...but thats a whole other She is so super sweet to Ammon and loves to help me put diapers in the diaper genie, bring me burp cloths & blankets, help change diapers & entertain him for me. I am really proud of her. And Ammon adores her already, he smiles at her LOTS! (more than he smiles at me, I'm jealous:) Here are a few pictures I took of them a couple of mornings(the first was from last week, the last 3 are from a couple of days ago), we always have "chill out on my bed" time. Its always sweet time for the three of us- laying down and cuddling together. . .

And this one I have to add for a good laugh. . .attack!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Iceskating Fevah

For Aubrey's birthday, she chose iceskating as the fun activity. Every other year we do a lowkey family thing for birthdays. They get to pick what we have for dinner, we have cake & icecream and they get to pick one fun thing to do. Since Joey is the skating pro and I had just had Ammon, he took Aubrey & Ella for an afternoon of skating delight:) Joey's parents were also able to come(and I even got to come for part of it-thanks Cyndi for swapping with me!) Ella was skating all over the place with no help. Aubrey was a little more unsure of herself and held Joey hand most of the time, but loved it. The kids had sooooo much fun that we signed them up for a month of iceskating lessons there(really affordable and even comes with a few free public skating passes-good deal!) Here are pictures of their super fun time last weekend...

Daddy & the birthday girl

Pink cheeks:)

They started lessons yesterday and here are pictures from their lesson and also from when Joey took all three of them to a public skate session. Cali did great too! Held on to Daddy and enjoyed the ride:) With only one lesson, Aubrey now can skate independently. They also learned spins and a few other cool moves. I'm so proud of them! Joey took lots of pics for me and video clips too. Its been a fun Saturday activity for Joey to have with the older kids. Gets em outta the house and gives me a quiet Saturday morning with the baby:)

My girls with the best Daddy ever

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nana & Tata meet Ammon and entertain the new big sis

Nana and Tata came to visit! They came for several days to meet their new little grandson and help out with the house and the kiddos. It was so fun to see their excitement in meeting their son's first son:) This little boy is so lucky to be so loved. While they were here, they also cooked and cooked and cooked to make sure we had meals not only for the week they were here but for weeks later too! They are very giving people and I really appreciated everything they did while they were here.

Meeting Tata & Nana for the first time
I think Nana is in love :)
The handsome men strike a pose.
While they were here and the older girls were in school, Joey took a day off of work and took them to downtown McKinney and to a nearby splashpad with Cali. Cali needed out of the house to have some fun and Joe and Cyndi had never seen our city's downtown historical district. It sounded like it was a fun time! And it gave me some quiet time, just me and the baby, which was nice too.

Our favorite little candyshop, The Mom and Popcorn Co. Cali is CRAZY about candy so this is probably her favorite store in the world:)

This is where it sounds like Cali had the most fun. Nana & Tata really made it fun for her as you can see. . .
Joe even got soaking wet, wearing all of his clothes. Now thats a Grandfather's love:) He chased her round and round.
Ahh, to be 3 again.

We also celebrated Joe's birthday while they were here. With strawberry shortcake of course! Hope you enjoyed it Joe!

Thanks again for all you guys did while you were here. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family. And our kids are the luckiest to have amazing grandparents!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Asleep & awake

I love to watch this boy sleep(and he does it a lot!) He has my sleep style, the codfish. Only cool people sleep this way :) He always has his little mouth open just like his Mommy. And hes already wanting to sleep through the night, but I can't let him yet because of the jaundice, darnit! I have to wake him up for feedings. Hes a keeper! And just look at this sweet angel face...
When Ammon's awake, he is very alert and bright-eyed. He is super cuddly and just lays on me content all the time. He is very mellow and happy(unless hes having tummy trouble which he has had a couple of times which made him really fussy. I need to figure out what I'm eating that is causing that!) He loves to study us and the world around him, ceiling fans also being a favorite thing to look at:) He gave us his first real smiles over the weekend(on Sept 11) and they were for Daddy. Daddy was happy! He is changing so much every day. I'm trying to treasure every second. He is a sweetie that I can't imagine living without!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Aubrey's birthday celebration

We celebrated Aubrey's birthday last week with a small family celebration followed by her activity of choice the next day: iceskating. We alternate big kid party years with family parties and I'm glad this year happens to be the lowkey year for us:) She requested pizza for dinner and an icecream cake-easy peasy! I ordered a cute little Baskin Robbins icecream cone cake. It was scrumdiddlyumcious.
Our 9 year old! I still can't believe shes that old.
Joey's parents got into town the day before, so we were able to share her special day with them-hooray!

Gotta get a birthday kiss from Daddy!

Enjoying the mini cones from the top of the cake...

Love the expression Ella:)

Ella was so excited to give Aubrey her presents(as you can see:) It was so so sweet. They love each other so much!
Here is Aubrey opening her gifts from Nana & Tata. Can you tell she(and Ella) like what she got? (it was an MP3 player and an i-dog-she had been wanting these!)

A thank you hug for Nana.

I also had to post this cute picture. When my mom was visiting she took Aubrey shopping at the mall, had lunch, and bought her new shoes and a shirt. She also came home with "birthday cookies" and we did a little early birthday song while she was here. Thanks Grandma:)

Joey and I bought her a new bike which somehow didn't get photographed;( But we'll take pictures of her riding her new cool set of wheels soon. Hope you had a great birthday Aub!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Minnie Mouse party

Since this was the day before I went into labor, I never got around to blogging my kickbutt Minnie Mouse party Joey, the girls, my Mom & Tara helped throw. They decorated the kitchen all nice and pretty and my mom and Tara made my requested cake for the night-German Chocolate. Yumyum. I remember that I was having some contractions that night that were consistent for awhile and then they'd go away, back and forth for a couple of hours. Then I woke up the next morning in total labor. Crazy how close Ammon and I's birthdays are! I loved our little family celebration. Thanks everyone!! I felt very very loved.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ammon's first visitors

A couple of days before Ammon's arrival, my mom and sister came up to visit, help out and be here for the big day. It was soooo nice to have them here. I will not forget how much they helped with the other kids, getting them to school, feeding them, entertaining them, etc. It was nice to know they were in good hands. The day of his birth, my mom was at the hospital by my side(I don't know what I'd do without her there for support. Joey is GREAT, but its nice to have my mom there, someone thats been through it 5 times!) while Tara was home with Cali. I called Tara with updates and then she busted the older two out of school to bring them up right before delivery. It all worked out perfectly and I am so grateful for their help. Thanks again!! xoxo Here are pics of them meeting Ammon for the first time, as well as my Aunt Cindy and my Dad who also came up later.

And this is just too cute not to post. My mom had the sweet idea to have the girls make a mum for the door:) Just the older girls though...poor Cali had too hard of a time saying goodbye to me the evening before so we felt it best for her not to come up and visit the second day. Too hard for her to handle:( It turned out really adorable and I thought it was also just a really thoughtful thing to have them be a part of. Thanks Mom, Aubrey & Ella! Ammon loved it :)