Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Ammon's first days at home

Ammon has had no shortage of love since arriving home last week. The older girls welcomed him home with sweet signs on our window and front door...
They also can't get enough of holding him. They beg me every hour:) The older girls have already been a huge help to me, especially Aubrey. She is at a super fun age to be helping with a baby. a different story:) She still doesn't quite get the concept to be careful and soft, but shes trying....sometimes:)

Joey took a few shots of Ammon on our bed when he was about 5 days old. They turned out pretty cute. Our pinkish yellow faced chubby cheek boy:) The yellow is toning down thanks to another hospital stay(which I'll blog about next), but we are home now and I'm hoping the jaundice will only continue to decrease. I don't want to go back!

A sweet moment between big sister and little brother

Ammon and his elephant friend from Grandma

And this one is just priceless with his little arm under his head. Totally relaxed...the life of a baby looks pretty good.


Devri said...

lOVE IT ALL! Be glad you have 3 girls to watch over him/mother him as he grows! So I know who I think he looks like, but, who do you think he looks like if anyone?? lol You have a beautiful family!

Grammy Staffy said...

What precious pictures of your precious boy. Your girls are just about the same ages as mine were when I had David. David said that he was raised by 4 moms instead of one. I bet that Ammom will feel the same way.

Wow he is a big boy. No wonder you had a hard time pushing him out. Ellie was 5 lbs 11 oz. Ammon is almost double her size. How nice he is sleeping 4 hours at night. That is the advantage of having a big baby.
I hope that you will heal up quickly.

I am so happy for you. What a perfect family you have. Give everyone hugs from me. Congrats Love, Lura


Seriously he is just perfect! Those lips look so kissable! Sorry you and Ammon have had to hang at the hospital more than the norm. Glad you are all home together as a family of 6.