Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ammon's first visitors

A couple of days before Ammon's arrival, my mom and sister came up to visit, help out and be here for the big day. It was soooo nice to have them here. I will not forget how much they helped with the other kids, getting them to school, feeding them, entertaining them, etc. It was nice to know they were in good hands. The day of his birth, my mom was at the hospital by my side(I don't know what I'd do without her there for support. Joey is GREAT, but its nice to have my mom there, someone thats been through it 5 times!) while Tara was home with Cali. I called Tara with updates and then she busted the older two out of school to bring them up right before delivery. It all worked out perfectly and I am so grateful for their help. Thanks again!! xoxo Here are pics of them meeting Ammon for the first time, as well as my Aunt Cindy and my Dad who also came up later.

And this is just too cute not to post. My mom had the sweet idea to have the girls make a mum for the door:) Just the older girls though...poor Cali had too hard of a time saying goodbye to me the evening before so we felt it best for her not to come up and visit the second day. Too hard for her to handle:( It turned out really adorable and I thought it was also just a really thoughtful thing to have them be a part of. Thanks Mom, Aubrey & Ella! Ammon loved it :)

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