Monday, September 13, 2010

Aubrey's birthday celebration

We celebrated Aubrey's birthday last week with a small family celebration followed by her activity of choice the next day: iceskating. We alternate big kid party years with family parties and I'm glad this year happens to be the lowkey year for us:) She requested pizza for dinner and an icecream cake-easy peasy! I ordered a cute little Baskin Robbins icecream cone cake. It was scrumdiddlyumcious.
Our 9 year old! I still can't believe shes that old.
Joey's parents got into town the day before, so we were able to share her special day with them-hooray!

Gotta get a birthday kiss from Daddy!

Enjoying the mini cones from the top of the cake...

Love the expression Ella:)

Ella was so excited to give Aubrey her presents(as you can see:) It was so so sweet. They love each other so much!
Here is Aubrey opening her gifts from Nana & Tata. Can you tell she(and Ella) like what she got? (it was an MP3 player and an i-dog-she had been wanting these!)

A thank you hug for Nana.

I also had to post this cute picture. When my mom was visiting she took Aubrey shopping at the mall, had lunch, and bought her new shoes and a shirt. She also came home with "birthday cookies" and we did a little early birthday song while she was here. Thanks Grandma:)

Joey and I bought her a new bike which somehow didn't get photographed;( But we'll take pictures of her riding her new cool set of wheels soon. Hope you had a great birthday Aub!


Marie Rayner said...

It looks like Aubrey had a lovely Birthday! How wonderful that she had Joey's parents there to help to celebrate it and also that your mom got to take her out ahead of time. These are wonderful memories that she will cherish in years to come I am sure!! xxoo


Looks like Aubrey partied like a ROCK STAR! Happy bday big sis, Aubrey!

Cynthia said...

Wow we remember these days good thing for pictures to jog our memories for sure. That cake was definitely pretty and yummy.