Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ammon meets his Great Grandparents

My grandparents came up to the DFW area not too long ago and stayed with my Aunt Cindy. We went and visited them while they were here so Ammon could meet his Great Grandma and Grandpa Adams(my mom's parents). I was so happy we were able to see them!

Great Grandma and our bunch of kiddos
Great Grandpa holding a fussy boy:)

Great Grandpa, me and my bunch(and a VERY fussy boy-lol)

Two of my uncles, one aunt and a few cousins were there too. It was a mini-family reunion! This is my cuz Chrystina boring Ammon to death, j/k!! But look at that yawn:)

Cali ripping leaves off my Aunt Cindy's tree I guess? I don't know- Joey took this picture! Sorry Cindy:) But Cali sure does look cute doing it. . .
Some of the kiddos on the back porch swing.

And my crazy cousin Jeremy trying to scare his own child. He wasn't phased. Hes obviously used to his crazy daddy:)


jOeY said...

I'm really glad we got to see everybody. Ammon looks so chubby in that one pic. ;)


What a fun fam reunion! NOt sure about that mask I got a little scared from it. He is still cute even when fussy.

Tara D. said...

I bet the fam had fun getting together. Mini reunions rock! :) And I love the picture of the two Jeremys. I think it's hilarious how calm and collected little J looks. Clearly he gets a lot of craziness at home, lol. If it had been us, we would have been crying hysterically, trembling with a trickle of urine running down our legs. hahahahaha