Sunday, October 03, 2010

T-Mobile's finest....

Joey was recently featured on T-Mobile's internal main homepage for his achievements in his career and education. So basically, every employee at T-Mobile saw his face on Friday-It was a huge honor and he is now "famous" at T-Mobile:) He said the day he was featured he received many many emails, comments on the site, and personal congratulations that day at work. It was an awesome day for him. He has done so much over the past 1o years managing his family, his career and attaining his degrees. It was nice for him to get nationwide recognition through T-Mobile. I'm proud of you too! Here is the copy and paste of the article(and the picture I posted was put on the site also. Its Joey and his current boss, Chris). I changed the article by taking out last names, but other than that, this is what was written about MY MAN....congrats Joey!

Senior Engineer Jose (“Joey”)'s career and family have grown rapidly over the last decade: four promotions, three degrees, numerous T-Mobile achievement awards, and four kids. Joey credits his wife, T-Mobile’s culture and a line of supportive managers – Joe Q., Brian M., Tony S. and current manager Chris G. –with encouraging his career growth. Chris says that Joey is an equally-important part of that equation and calls him one of the most self-motivated people he knows. It’s a relationship that has yielded great rewards for everyone involved – Joey, his family and T-Mobile.

Needed a Job, Didn’t Own a Cell Phone

Joey’s career with T-Mobile began in 2000 at the Corpus Christi, Texas, engineering warehouse where he drove a forklift and made deliveries to various cell sites. By his own admission, he didn’t join T-Mobile because of some larger interest in telecommunications.“I needed a job and this one was available,” he explains. “I didn’t even own a cell phone at the time.”

Manager Showed Him Opportunities in Technology

But soon after he joined, he took it upon himself to learn about the technology he was handling each day. The plant management team also took an interest in Joey. The local plant manager exposed him to the opportunities in emerging technology, prompting Joey to alter his associates’ degree path to one that focused more on telecommunications. In 2003, with a newly-acquired associate’s degree and a few promotions under his belt, Joey enrolled at Texas A&M University to begin work on a bachelor’s degree, which he received in 2007. Along the way, his managers gave him the flexibility necessary to accommodate classes and study groups.“Across every role I’ve held, there’s been a continuous theme of encouragement,” says Joey. “I’ve been incredibly fortunate that my managers have been very accommodating.”Self-motivation and

Professionalism Pay Off

Chris says personal goals never detracted from Joey's professionalism and that he used exceptional time-management skills to balance work, family and education effectively.“Even though I knew he was spending long hours at home doing schoolwork and caring for his family, he never failed to get his day-to-day work done,” Chris says. “He has every bit as much pride in his daily work as his education.” Joey's responsibilities didn’t stop when he left work or the classroom. He and his wife have three daughters (ages 9, 6 and 3) and their latest family addition, a three-week-old son. Joey points to T-Mobile’s Education Assistance Program as a huge stress-reliever for him and his wife because it deferred a considerable amount of his tuition and allowed them to provide for their growing family.

Four Promotions and an MBA

The investment Joey and T-Mobile made in his education has seemingly paid off – contributing to four promotions within 10 years. In addition to the promotions, Joey has been regularly recognized within T-Mobile. He received the highest engineering award, the “Tops in Ops” in 2007 and 19 Peak Achievement nominations from 2002-2010. Joey added a Master’s in Business Administration degree to his resume in July 2009 and hopes to use this new knowledge in a managerial role one day – at T-Mobile of course.“I’m a loyal person and T-Mobile has certainly been loyal to me,” he says. “I’m truly grateful for the investment that this company has made in me, my family and my future. Thank you T-Mobile!”


the duchess said...

What a great honor. Very cool.

Rand said...

way to go Joey!

Cynthia said...

Congratulations son we are proud of you.

Cindy said...

Awesome job ~ but of course, we all knew Joey is T-Mobile's finest, but it's great to know they know it too :-)


You the MAN Joey - it's good to see all the hard work has paid off! Your family is truly blessed.

Patty said...

Joey is such a great guy! He deserves being recognized. We're proud of you Joey and know you have a wonderful future ahead of you!!