Thursday, November 11, 2010


Last week was the kids Boosterthon fundraiser. The school had them run their little booties off to make money:) Both girls did so good and ran lots and lots of laps! A special thank you to Nana & Tata & Grandma & Grandpa for your pledges! They earned a lot of $ for their school and had a really fun time.

Ella's group ran first. She ran, ran, ran!

Ella even smiled as she ran. :) She really enjoys running and has lots of endurance.

Cali giving the Glen Oaks tiger a five. She LOVES this guy and calls him "Tigerthon" because he was at this event last year(when it was still called Tigerthon).

Check out that stride!

Aubrey's turn. I've never seen Aubrey run so much. She tried really hard to get a high number of laps and she did!
Cali taking a playground break to come and dance to the music and cheer Aubrey on. She would run to the playground and play, then come back when a song came on she liked. It was so cute.

And for a while she was a high-fiver. Lots of kids came up to Cali and gave her fives. She loved it.

Water break time

Aubrey & one of her besties, Courtney, after the race. I think I've taken a picture of them every year after this fundraiser.

Ok, after typing that I had to dig through old pics and I found this one from 3 years ago at their very first Tigerthon. They've grown up so much!

Great job girls!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Holly!

My name is Robert Walker and I work with the Boosterthon Fun Run. You've got an awesome blog post on our program, do you mind if we share this post with others on Facebook?

If it's okay with you, please let us know at

I looks like your kids had a great time. Thanks, Holly!

Anonymous said...



Way to run those "boosters" off Ella and Aubrey - And way to go Holly for putting up a fantastic blog spot and being recognized for it!

Aubrey said...

I was so tired but it was really fun!!!!! It's cool to see me and Courtney from 3 years ago to now at tiger/boosterthon!!!!!! thanks for sponsering me Mom & Dad, Nana & Tata, & Grandma & Grandpa!!!!!!

Tara D. said...

You girls did wonderful! I bet you were super tired, Aub. I know I would have been too. :) And it looks like Cali enjoyed it too, fun for all!!!

Cynthia said...

Congratulations girls. Man I don't think I could have run as much as you girls did and good job Cali cheering your sisters on woot woot. Hey great on the blog recognition awesome job. I especially love the picture of Aubrey and Courtney they look so cute and have grown so much great friends make life so much fun.