Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sea World Surprise

So we're back from our Thanksgiving trip to Corpus and man, it was a doozy. Super fun and a good time visiting our family, but Ammon is not a lover of his carseat(or not being held for that matter) so the drive was torturous...but we survived....barely:) Joey and I decided to take the kids to Sea World in San Antonio on our way there. It was a total surprise-the looks on their faces when they realized where we were was priceless! My mom met us there too, which was a double surprise. It was such a fun day!!!

Here we are ready for the day. I loved how the place was all decked out for Christmas.

Grandma and her grandkiddos. She was a HUGE help that day-thanks for coming Mom!

Lots of characters were there to meet and greet

Here is Cali about to ride her very first roller coaster. I wasn't sure if she'd like it(especially since the little boy that went in front of us was crying when he got off...) but as you can see...

She loved it! Look at her smiling face:) And look at the car behind us with Aubrey & Ella smiling too. The Shamu Express is a fun little kiddie coaster.

Heres a pic of a whale. Gotta take a whale pic or two when you go to this place.

Just a cute picture of my mom chillin with Ella and Aubrey

Trying to pet some dolphins. . .while they never were able to pet one we did buy them some fish to feed them. One dolphin jumped up really close to Ella's face trying to get a fish! She was looking the other way and didn't even notice it--it was so funny. She was practically nose to nose with that guy!

Baby Beluga
We went to the Sesame Street Christmas show while we were there. It was really cute.

Towards the end, a bunch of kids went up to the stage(so Ella & Cali did too). They got high fives and hand shakes from lots of characters. Here is Rosita grabbing Cali's hand. Cali was thrilled.
The highlight of the day for the older girls was this ride-Journey to Atlantis. Yep, thats them on it with Joey. I was so proud of them! Ella swore she wanted to ride it, so Joey said he'd take her. Ella has never even been on a log ride, much less a huge one like this, so I wasn't sure how she'd like it and if she'd freak at the top. Then Aubrey(she must've felt the pressure) decided she'd do it too. I don't think she wanted to be outdone by her lil sis. Aubrey was soooo nervous. I thought she might puke from nervousness. The look on her face when she waved goodbye to me made me nervous even! But she did it, they both did! And they were both smiling at the bottom. Phew. Mommy was nervous for them:)
Joey and his girls after conquering Atlantis!

Faces of relief/happiness afterwards...

And last but not least was the Polar Express 4D show. Very cool. Pretty loud but Ammon did fine, even when we got squirted with water:) It was fun getting in the Christmas spirit and feeling like we were on the train. And its always fun to look super stylish in those ultra cool glasses. We rocked them. I am so glad we did this Sea World stop. We didn't get to go on a big family vacation this year since I was very prego during the summer and then we had a new baby so everything's been a little crazy. It was nice to go and do something fun together as a family. Ammon was great. The kids tickets were only five bucks. The weather was awesome. No crowds. My mom was there to share in the memories. It was perfect!


jOeY said...

That was a pretty perfect Sea World trip! I had a ton of fun, except for the drive of course. :)

So is Ammon the baby and am I the Beluga in that one pic? ;)

Marie Rayner said...

It looks like you had a fabulous time in CC with the family!! You do the most funnest things with your girls and boys! (counting Joey as one of the boys!) I send lots of love to you all! xxoo

SeaWorld San Antonio said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog post about your visit to SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration. Your pictures are great! Do you mind if we post a link to it on our social media?

-Katie, SeaWorld San Antonio

hoLLy said...

Sure! Could you send me a link to SeaWorld's social media site? I'd like to check it out. Thanks!


Your Mom looks so pretty in the pics with the kids. Looks like a fun surprise for the whole fam - way to go Aubry for conquering your fears!

-Melissa- said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. What a fun surprise! Last week was probably a great time to go. The weather was perfect.

Tara D. said...

What fun! :) Whoo hoo Sea World, good thing you didn't get eaten by an Orca!