Sunday, December 05, 2010

Ammon: 3 months and baby blessing

Ammon turned 3 months last week! A few days before he hit 3 months, we had his baby blessing in Corpus Christi. His daddy gave him a beautiful blessing that Sunday morning. I was so proud of my two handsome dudes up there:) I took a few pics of Ammon in his blessing outfit that day. . .here is our cute little man.

After his blessing, we took a few family pics. Its the Mormon tradition to take pics in the foyer:)
Me and my 5 favorite people. I'm proud of this family of mine.
The men who stood in the blessing circle. . .L to R: family friend, Alex Shum, my brother Mark, my Dad, Joey's dad, Joey, my cousin Bryan, and my brother Austin.
My fam. Notice how I'm the shortest out of me and my sibs. Sad. I'm the oldest!!
Ammon and his Great-Grandma Adams. She is such a special lady! My Aunt Cindy was also there, but left before pics. Thanks for coming Cindy!
Joey's sister and her family and Joey's parents. We had lots of family there-it was wonderful! Thanks everyone for coming!
Joey's aunt and cousin Brandon were also able to attend-yea!!!

Ammon and his Daddy. It looks like the little cutie was tuckered out and ready for bed. And Ammon too:)

And I can't finish this post without posting a picture of the cookie cake my sister decorated. SO CUTE! After the blessing we had a lunch at my parents house: chicken salad sandwiches(one of my favorites! Thanks Mom!) and other yummy stuff with our combined families. It was a really nice afternoon. Thanks Mom for putting it together and hosting it and thanks Joe & Cyndi for helping as well!

It was a beautiful day celebrating the birth of our sweet boy. He is such a blessing to our family. I'm so grateful he was able to be blessed by his Daddy and so grateful for a wonderful worthy priesthood-holding husband. We love you Ammon!


Cynthia said...

Great pictures. He was a real gentleman that day too.

jOeY said...

I cant believe that day has come and gone. :( Ammon did great up there. Thanks everyone for coming to his special day!

Marie Rayner said...

I think Baby Blessings are one of the most wonderful things to experience. I wish that I had been a member of the church when my children were babies so that they could have been blessed. What a BIG beautiful family you have! You are such a lucky woman, even if you are short! haha. Love you! xxoo


Such a special day - how awesome to have so much family there to celebrate with you! Tara made a yummy and cute looking cookie cake! Love the blessing outfit - when he smiles he looks angelic - wish i could cuddle with him!

Tara D. said...

I miss you guys! I'm really sad I won't get to see you for Christmas. That also means I have to pay for shipping. LOL I'm so glad we were all able to attend little Ammon's blessing. He behaved so well, so proud of the cute little guy. :)

ACDC2005 said...

Love his little white outfit, he is such a cutie patootie! Great job on the cookie cake too Tara! Glad you could share such a special day with your family and friends :)