Sunday, December 19, 2010

Decorating our Gingerbread House

Last week we had lots of fun decorating our family gingerbread house. I did the roof, Aubrey did the front, Joey did the back and the walkway. And Ella & Cali each did one side. Its a group effort:) I love seeing the kids creative juices flowing. They each took time to make sure their part was perfect-and it was.

Ella and Aubrey meticulously working.

Here is a funny sequence. This is Cali giving me her usual ticked-off face after I told her she was done(the candy was running out and the other kids still weren't finished. I'm so mean, I know).
And two seconds later, she was able to pull this face off. We train our kids to give the best camera smiles young. No matter whats going on, they can pause and smile for the camera :) lol

And the finished masterpiece.

We was proud.


Grammy Staffy said...

What a great job you all did. I just love it. We usually make one with our kiddos too. We may not be quite as talented but we all have a good time too. Our families are so much alike. Aren't we lucky.
Have wonderful week with your wee ones. I know that you will.

Thanks for the compliments you gave Claire. She is spending the night with us. She will be pleased when she read what you said in the morning.
I am sending Christmas hugs your way.

Cynthia said...

I did post something earlier I guess cyber space consumed it. UGH. Anyway, I love this part of Christmas too its always so fun to do things together you guys are making great memories and traditions that I beleive will be carried on long after we are all gone which is a great thing. I love the pictures and Cali you steal all our hearts away. I love how talented Aubrey and Ella are with their mad decorating skilz can't wait to see when Ammon tries to attempts his hand at it all it'll be team daddy and Ammon and team Aubrey,Ella,Cali and mommy. love you guys.

Marie Rayner said...

What a beautiful gingerbread house you have all made together! I always used to make one with my kids when they were growing up. One year we actually did a Gingerbread tree! It stood about a foot high and was decorated all over with silver balls, gummy bears, etc. It was so pretty. You are building some wonderful memories for your babies. You are such a wonderful mum and dad. I just love the Duenas family! xxoo

Tara D. said...

Holly what is on Cali's wrist? Do the girls have slap bracelets???? I hope not. :(

Mindy and Ernie's Clan said...

i'm glad you like my song.i love your gingerbread house. it looks like a real candy house.hows Ammon. hope he's o.k. the girls look so cute decorating the gingerbread house!☺ so have you seen Santa yet. i haven't i'm so behind!.

anyway have a wonderful Christmas this year!

hope to hear from you soon


-Melissa- said...

Cute gingerbread house. Making gingerbread houses is such a fun tradition.