Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ammon: 4 months

On New Years Day, our little guy turned 4 months old. And to celebrate he gave us his very first giggle session:) You know, the kind where they laugh and laugh and laugh. He had given us little laughs here and there, but this was the real deal. We were all laughing at our sweet boy. I'll post a video soon for you to enjoy-his laugh is infectious. I'm just warning ya:)

So, this boy has been up to soooo much the past month. He has become very grabby. He grabs at everything and he is even starting to bring what he grabs into his mouth to chew. He has also become quite a finger sucker. He will put as many fingers as he can cram into his mouth and suck away(This has been wonderful! He can finally soothe himself!) So, this month has been great. He enjoys toys and is more easily entertained. And he can soothe himself. He is so much more content, even in the car. We put a toy ring thingy on his carseat and he will play with it. I finally have a little bit of car sanity! :) He also sleeps 10-12 hours straight at night and takes 3 naps a day. So, he is pretty much perfect! He is thinning out and getting longer(all of our babies are a little thinner than most) so his chunks are fading, but thats okay, lighter on my arms:) He eats plenty, sleeps great and is happy(just like the other 3) so I am happy too! Another thing he is learning is how to jump in his jumperoo(another video I have to post). This week he has started jumping like crazy and it is so funny to watch. He is still a cuddlebug too and he seems to especially love his mommy. . I don't mind:) I love my boy.
Bumbo photo shoot with Mom. He is finally old enough to sit in his Bumbo. He is slouched over in this picture because he loves to grab his toes.
Very focused. . .trying to grab his keys

I got my keys Mom! Ready to roll.

Just a cute picture. I love his little cheeks. So kissable.

I said something funny. He thinks I'm a riot.
Happy 4 months Ammon!


Aubrey said...

How cute!!!I love the last picture!He is so adorable!!!!!!Love,AuBrEy

jOeY said...

Happy 4mos Ammon! You are such a blessing in our lives and an answer to many prayers. We love you handsome boy!

Grammy Staffy said...

What a sweetheart! Your little family is just like mine was. My three girls adored their baby brother when he came along. Such fun.

Please tell Aubrey thanks for the comment on my blog. I tried to click on it and go to her blog but I couldn't make it work. Please send me her blog address and I will drop by and give her some blog love.

Have a great week. Hugs, Lura

Cynthia said...

Handsome lil guy for sure. Looking forward to the videos. He is just growing way too fast. Reminds me a lot of his papa for sure. Enjoy these years he'll be grown before you know it.

Devri said...

I love him, he is a doll! Now we need a video of it.. Come on!

ps. I feel jipped. Why did they wait to come out with the mumbo (is that what it is called).. Those things look like life savers! If I ever have another, first on my buying list!

Patty said...

He just gets cuter everyday! Wish I could be there to give him a big hug!!