Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Build-A-Bear & Chili's for the Birthday Girl

On Christmas Eve, we braved the malls in the cold(and I mean COLD), rain and crowds to finally do Ella's birthday activity of choice: Build A Bear. I knew if we didn't do it then, it would get postponed for weeks(and I was right, Aubrey got sick that very day and then I did a week later). We hadn't done this since we first move to the Dallas area a few years ago, so it was exciting for them. Plus, it was Cali's very first time ever which made it extra fun.

Here is Ella smiling a shy smile as she is about to kiss her bear's heart and put it in.

Pushing on the pedal to stuff him good.

Aubreys turn!
Cali watching the worker very closely as she sews her bear up.

Cali meeting Beary for the first time as a real bear.

Ella holding her new "boy" bear, Luke. We were wondering why she picked a boy but our wondering disappeared when she told us that he was going to marry her girl bear at home. Smart girl, always thinks ahead.

Aubrey picked this peace sign bear. Totally fits her. And turquoise blue is her favorite color. She even picked out some Skechers Twinkle Toes for her bear to wear. Fab.

Time to give the bears their first bath(I think this part is the cutest:)

Cali really enjoyed this part and made sure she was very gentle.

The dudes didn't really know what to do with themselves. . .so they just hung out while Mom helped the girls pick out accesories.

Oh, and here is a funny sequence. After I took this picture, I told Cali that the tag was covering her face and asked her to move the bear down and smile again.

As you can see, she didn't really want to.

But she did anyways. Thats a girl :) If I had only posted this picture, just imagine what you would've missed.

And here are the 3 bears chillin in their new home wearing their cool new stuff. From L to R: Claire, Luke & Beary. Aubrey and Cali got to pick one accesory. Aubrey chose the Twinkle Toes and Cali chose a light-up Christmas shirt. Ella got to pick out two things. So she picked shoes and an outfit. Her bear is actually wearing corduroys! I think these are 3 pretty darn cute bears!
That day we also went to Chili's for lunch. While we were there, Ammon started crying, so Joey walked around with him half the time. We told the waiter that it was Ella's birthday so they'd bring her a treat. But then Aubrey started feeling sick/tummy hurting and didn't want to eat her food so I asked for a to-go box and told them we needed to leave quickly. Well, you wouldn't believe it but the guy came back and said he talked to the manager and they took care of all of the kids meals. I guess they felt bad that we had a sad baby and a sick kid on our other kids birthday. They also brought her a treat to go. A huge brownie with a little container of hot fudge. And a container of icecream. They went all out! I guess we looked pitiful or something? :) It was really sweet of them and it did make our day better! Props to the Chili's in front of Stonebriar!
Here is the Birthday Girl enjoying her Chili's pizza. See that gap in her teeth. No, she hasn't lost a tooth yet, but its reeeeally close to coming out. Its shifted so its caused a gap to form so you would swear shes lost a tooth but she hasn't. Shes hoping she does soon!


jOeY said...

You're right, we did that just in time! That was a fun and crazy day. Getting some free chilis was cool too!

the duchess said...

Such an interesting concept. Can you imagine a Build-a-Bra? "Come make your own special bra and watch while our seamstress sews it together!" ;o)

Marie Rayner said...

What a fun day for the girls Holly! Cute Bears! Adorable Girls! You guys do the neatest things together! xxoo

Amy Raglin said...

The Stonebriar mall is really nice, ive never been to the chilis though.
Hate that your little ones werent feeling well, I know how it is taking little ones out especially when they don't feel good. I have an almost 2 year old and a 5 month old and taking them out when they are cranky is difficult. Your family is beautiful!

hoLLy said...