Friday, January 14, 2011

Ella lost her first tooth!

The day Ella has been waiting and waiting for finally came! She lost her first tooth yesterday! At the age of 7-poor kid was one of the last in her grade to lose a tooth. My kids as babies don't get their first teeth until they are almost one, so they lose them late too. I've actually read that its a good thing. Anyways, it had been loose for a couple of months but she didn't like wiggling it too much because "it hurt." :) It is one of her bottom baby teeth that is now gone forever.... And she actually has a very wiggly top tooth right now too, which actually has made it look like she is missing a tooth on the top but shes not. Its just moved over some and made a space. I think the tooth fairy will probably be visiting again very soon! It always makes me a little bit sad when they start losing those baby teeth because it means they are growing up:( And when the adult teeth come in, it just makes them look so much more grown up. Boo dat.

Ella with her two buckaroos! Our tooth fairies(they each have their own ya know) bring two dollars for the first tooth and then one dollar for each one after.
She even received a special note from her tooth fairy. I guess it had fallen on the floor because Ella didn't see it at first. She knew Aubrey had received one and looked a little disappointed this morning when I came into her room. When I pointed out the note on the floor, you should've seen her face:) "I got a note from my tooth fairy too Aubrey!!! And her name is Emerald!" They each have their own special fairy. :)

Here is a closeup of her new smile. See that little gap on the bottom. And see what I mean about that gap up top. That front tooth has wiggled over really far and is actually colliding into the others. She needs to get it out fast!

We're so happy you finally lost a tooth Ella. Its so exciting to have the Tooth Fairy visit our house! Keep on wigglin :)


Marie Rayner said...

Ohhh . . .they are growing up too quickly HOlly!!What a sweetie pie though. I used to get a dime and thought I was rich. Well, I was. A dime bought a lot in dem dere days! (Shows how old I am!) xxoo

Grammy Staffy said...

Congrats Ella. What a nice tooth fairy you have.

Holly is your blog private now?
Will it show up on my blogger reader when you have a new post?
I don't want to miss your posts.
Hugs, Lura

Cynthia said...

Yeah Ella woot woot you are rich. I love love love the name of your fairy "Emerald" hmmmm that sounds like it would be a great name for a pet or something I never thought of that that is just awesome and how exciting to get your own personal letter amazing. Smile pretty we will be waiting to hear when the next tooth falls.......

ACDC2005 said...

Congrats Ella!

I love that your kids all have different tooth fairies and they bring them letters! That is too cute!

Eddie Storms said...

Well, that period of growth is fun. Bittersweet for parents, but it's often more sweet than bitter. The growth of adult teeth is the mark of a new chapter, where both parents and children must step up to stay healthy and happy.