Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year & Goodbye Facebook

Happy New Year! Ringing in the New Year at our house was one crazy party. And I'm saying that sarcastically. On New Years Eve, I became very sick(the sickness that has gone from person to person in our home for the past month), family came into town that day which was depressing for me since I was sick and I wanted to enjoy the time with them(but my mom was so helpful, thanks Mama!), and our sewage exploded in our front yard. I'm not kidding. Sewage all over our driveway-it was simply craptastic. Literally. So, ringing in the New Year was less than wonderful. . .but we'll laugh about it someday, right? I already am:) Of course I was sick on the couch and I didn't have to clean the bathroom that exploded or the driveway covered in ickies. So I was laughing that night actually...heehee.

So, everyone is talking about resolutions. I don't usually make a lot. I don't like to set my sights too high:) But I've made a couple and I thought I'd share them. The first is to lay off Facebook. I've decided(with some inspiration from the Duchess) to not use Facebook for one month minimum. Maybe indefinitely if I see a positive change in my life. I feel like I'm wasting too much time on it. I don't sit on it for hours, but I check it way too many times a day. Its ridiculous. And I have found myself thinking in Facebook Status. Sad? Yes. I've actually considered deactivating my account in the past but haven't because I don't want to lose those connections with people. I love seeing what everyone is up to. I love posting pics and status updates, its fun for me. I don't watch TV like, ever, so I justified my time on it and called it my "me" time. I also love that I've been able to connect with relatives I wouldn't have otherwise and old friends. So, the decision to leave permanently will be tough. . .but today I was thinking about the positives and negatives of Facebook. . .I just talked about the positives. But here are the negatives. My "me" time really should be something more productive. More positive and uplifting. Something to better myself. I'm wasting valuable time of my life. Also, it distracts me from other things I should be doing. I've been more behind on laundry and housework the past yearish(ok, I just had a baby, but still, even before). I haven't been as into keeping the house up because I spend more time on the computer. I haven't been reading my scriptures as much. How sad that I'll spend half an hour on Facebook, but don't even sit down to read the scriptures on my own some days. And finally, I just want my mind cleared of thinking about it. I feel like it can pull you away from reality sometimes and whats most important: family. So, it seems even though there are positives, the negatives might outweigh them. . .These are just my personal thoughts-I'm not trying to judge Facebook users at all. I'm just wanting a change for myself. I get easily addicted to things like this. I'm not a Facebook user that just checks it every so often. I would check several times a day! I was becoming a little Facebook nut. So I'm going to cut it out for a month and I'll let you know the results. I'll get rid of it for good if I think the positives outweighed the negatives. I wish I could say, oh, I'll just only check it once a day. But for me, thats not good enough. I need to go cold turkey for awhile:)

And actually my other resolution is to use my time better so its actually kinda the same resolution:) I've been thinking about President Uchtdorfs talk about "Good, better & best." I want to try and fill my time with the best things.

Oh, and I should probably work out more and eat better too. But I'm sure I won't. So why even bother making those resolutions. :)


jOeY said...

Yes, i have to agree. Not one of our best new years eve parties eh? It was fun having family though over for the holidays. Here's to a new and hopefully prosperous new YEAR!!!

the duchess said...

When I began telling people I was considering leaving FB their gut reactions were all disbelief and shock. That alone was proof enough. I, too, found myself looking for things during my day that would be "status update-worthy". For me the negatives just began to outweigh the positives. Cheers to 2011!

Marie Rayner said...

We all need to prioritize things in our lives and to me facebook is far down on the list, although I do enjoy it. I basically got it so that I could keep up with my children's lives, but found that they seldom if ever post on it, so . . . I hope you have all kicked that nasty bug to the curb once and for all! I send love and hugs! xxoo

Jan said...

Happy New Year to you all -- hope you can all be feeling 100% like right NOW!!

I will miss you on Facebook -- but I understand your thinking completely. Love you guys!

-Melissa- said...

Happy New Year! sorry to hear you were sick. hope you are feeling better.