Friday, January 28, 2011

Thank you Mommy

My mom and a couple of bros came up and visited at the beginning of the month and I forgot to post a couple of pics from when they were here. Honestly, not many pics were taken because I was so sick that weekend! We were probably really fun to hang out with...with the poopy driveway and a sickly lady and all. . .but it was still really great to have them here. :) We hung out, watched movies, ate good food and played the wii. Good stuff. Oh, and we got to shout "Happy New Year!" together and clink our sparkling cider drinks. It was the baste!(say it like Nacho Libre) And I have to publicly thank my mom for helping and taking good care of me when she was here. It was the first time in a long time that I had my mommy taking care of me when I was sick and it was nice. Its great to be a mom but its also nice to be mommed again:) I love you Mom. Thanks again for coming up to be with us so we could have our own little Christmas together.
Grandma and her grandkiddos
Grandma and happy little Ammon

She also came bearing Christmas gifts for everyone. The girls were very surprised and excited to get Lalaloopsy dolls and lots of squinkies and goodies.

My sister also came up for a little bit and got the kids pillows with their initials(a BIG hit) and some other cool stuff from Justice-the "cool" store for little girls:)

I also have to thank my inlaws for the TON of stuff they sent us for Christmas. The shipping alone must've cost a fortune. Boxes and boxes and boxes were coming in the mail(it was so exciting-I love to get mail!) Toys, games, crafts, giftcards-we were very very spoiled by everyone.
Thanks all yall:)


jOeY said...

We are spoiled. :) Thanks everyone for coming to visit. We had an good time...especially blowing stuff up. ;)

Marie Rayner said...

You sure have had a bad spell of sickness Holly! Hope everyone is well now and that it stays away for a long time! Sounds like you had a lovely time anyways! Family times are the best of times! xxoo

Cynthia said...

Mommies are great for sure. Wish mine had been more well so that she could have lived long enough to enjoy her grandkids and great grand I secretly think she may have given them angel kisses as they left to come here..........thanks Patti for taking care of the kiddos. Glad everyone is feeling much better.

Patty said...

Thanks! I'm just so happy we were able to come and be with you guys. I'm sorry you were sick and had problems with your plumbing. It will be a memory we can always talk about that's for sure. I have a wonderful time every time I come and visit!!