Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Zac on back

Never fails, if you are laying on the ground at our house, you'll have a furry companion climb on your back to chill out for awhile. I love how friendly and cuddly our little Zac is :)
And if he gets really lucky, he might even get to go for a ride with Cali.

Always excitement at this house. Even when everyone is stuck at home sick, we find a way to have some fun(these pics were taken last month in the middle of it all).


Suzie said...

that doggy fits right into your family.
sweet, cute & full of personality!

Cynthia said...

Cute cute cute. Hey maybe he could learn to do some tricks on the backs of family members hmmmm could charge for admission.

Marie Rayner said...

How sweet he is! MItzie does that when I am sitting on the sofa blogging or whatever. I think it's her way of demanding equal time! xxoo

Grammy Staffy said...

Zac is so cute and so perfect for your family. I wish I had a Zac!