Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cali's first trip to the dentist

So I decided to get Cali in to see the dentist last week. It went amazingly well! I wasn't sure how she'd feel about sitting in that chair with a stranger poking around in her little mouth, but she did it. She opened up her mouth and did a great job! She had no problems with it. The hygienist said she did better than some of the older kids even. I was really proud of her! Before she went in she told me, "I'm shy to go in there." And then I told her she would get a special coin afterwards to put in the prize machine. . .she perked right up after I told her that! I also told her about the little fun bag they would give her with a new toothbrush, floss & toothpaste and she was really excited. Oh, and something funny. Afterwards, when they gave her the coin for the prize machine, she picked the machine with tattoos. Thats my girl. She loves her some tats. Hopefully, she doesn't when shes older. . .or that could be a problem :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Magic Rocks

One of Ella's birthday presents(from Aunt Tara) was this really cool Magic Rock Kit. You put together this little plastic aquarium with this special liquid and drop these rocks inside and watch them as they grow. It was a pretty fun activity that gave us something to do during all those snow days we had recently. So thanks Tara!

Neato, eh?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sometimes I don't know my own strength. . .

I don't know if it was my sheer strength or the fact that I really wanted to bake(and eat!) some cookies that night, but yep, I broke a measuring cup scooping brown sugar. I get pretty serious when it comes to chocolate chip cookies.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentines Love

Some people aren't fans of Valentine's Day. I LOVE it. And you know why? Its the time when my kids truly think about each other. They make the cutest cards and give each other and us the most thoughtful gifts. Ella gave me her body splash and had Cali give me one of her lotions and even helped her make me a card. Each person made something for everyone(And they did it on their own! I didn't even give them the idea.) Nothing store bought. They gave up things they own, things that are special to them, to make us happy. It was just so sweet. Aubrey even gave Joey and I 7 dollars so we could go on a date to Chili's to eat a molten cake together:) 7 dollars is a lot to a 9 year old! It made me tear up. What sweet girls we are blessed to have. I love Valentines because I just love the love:) Here are cute pics from our family gift exchange.

And I also didn't mind the flowers and night off from cooking...another perk of the holiday. :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

5 months

So much changes every month with a new baby, but one thing hasn't changed with Ammon. He loves to cuddle, especially with his mommy. I don't mind one bit. And doesn't he have the biggest sweetest deepest brown eyes you've ever seen?
So Ammon hit 5 months on the first of the month(I'm just a little late posting this, oopsie:) Some of the new things he is doing now: making an "oooh" with his little mouth and making that "oooh" sound, grasping objects better, giving big open mouth kisses, grabbing our noses, grabbing our eyeballs or really anything he can get a hold of and scratching them out, making this high pitched screechy sound(he is experimenting with his vocals, its really funny), rolling over constantly & one of my favorites is this "attack!" thing he does. When I get him out of bed or out of the carseat or anywhere and I bring him close to me and hold him, he holds tight onto me and buries his head in my chest and squeals. Its so cute. And tickles too. He takes 3 good naps a day and sleeps 12 hours STRAIGHT at night. Wonderful. He is happy and so mild-mannered. Long gone are the days of him hating his carseat, chairs, bouncers, etc. He loves it all now! He is such a sweetheart. This has been the most fun month so far!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My gripe with the ice cream world

Is it just me or are the ice cream companies really cheaping out lately? Back in the olden days, ya know-when I was a little girl, all icecream companies sold half gallons. Then the ice cream companies decided to downsize the half gallon to the "1.75 quarts" size. Whatev. I was slightly miffed by this change. Especially since the price remained the same.
And now its even worse. We are now getting "1.5 quart" CRAP. If I wanted a small amount of icecream, I'd buy a dang pint! I like ice cream. A lot. Ice cream is shrinking before our eyes. The insanity has got to stop!!!

This is just one of the many reasons Blue Bell is the best, (besides it tasting wonderful and that its made in Texas:). They have remained true to the half gallon size. So I will remain true to them. And no, this isn't a paid advertisment. . .however, if anyone from the Blue Bell company would like to send me coupons for free ice cream, I would surely allow it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mommy Fashion Show

While stuck at home for a few snow days last week, I had to come up with all sorts of activities to keep these kids entertained. We did the wii, puzzles, manicures/pedicures, movies, books, tv, a little bit of snow play, rock crystals(future post), coloring, games, cards, chores/cleaning, goodie baking, you name it-we did it. But by day 4, I was out of ideas. Then my mother-in-law gave me the idea of doing a fashion show where the kids go through my closet and pick out some of my clothes and strut their stuff. They had SO much fun doing this! They are still young enough to think their mom is cool and they thought it was pretty awesome to wear my stuff :) I remember when I was a kid walking around in my moms high heels and feeling like the coolest girl in the world:) Here they are on one of their catwalk runs striking a pose and lookin mighty fine. . .

I think my song selection for this one was "S.O.S." :) With every time they did a wardrobe change, I'd pick a new song for them to walk down the stairs to and then they'd dance. It was good times.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The big fat hole in our driveway

Thanks to the city, we had a major plumbing disaster back in January. And we are hoping to be compensated for our plumbing bill. . .we shall see. . .we filed a claim anyways. So that day was actually a fun/interesting day. Cali and I had something to do all day long. . .watch about 6 different city trucks cut and dig a ginormous hole into the side of our driveway and then refill it. It was crazy! At one time there were 8 men working on it. It was a huge ordeal. And of course, I had to take pictures. . .

Our yard staked out, ready to be destroyed. . .our neighbors told us they liked our new yard decor. Yep, multi-colored flags staked randomly in your yard are totally the new "cool."
Time to tear it up.

Then they cut a major branch of our tree off(without even asking!) to use this really tall vacuum thingy to suck up dirt. I had never seen anything like it.

Here was the pipe that was causing the problem. Stupid pipe.
Time to re-cement. Yes, I'm weird for thinking this was interesting. Joey thought it was funny when I told him how we were watching for half the day:) Laundry, ehh. This was more fun. Gotta find joy in the journey of life right? Even when it consists of loud noise and strange men in your yard all day ripping your yard and driveway to shreds.

Cali and I had a little spot by my upstairs window to watch. We bonded that day :) She loved asking me questions about it all and watching the different trucks and crews come and go.

The finished product(after a few days). Yeah, we're not too thrilled with the end result. Doesn't totally match the rest of the driveway. And there is this messy looking white cement outlining it. It just doesn't look good. :( Not cool when we plan on trying to sell our home soon. . .yep, we are. Next month we're putting it on the market and hoping for the best. We've simply outgrown this place! 3 bedrooms isn't quite enough for 6 people with plans for one or two more little people sometime in the future !) We are staying in the area though. . .we'll see what happens! Wish us luck :)

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Monster Icicles in Texas

Texas has gotten hit with a pretty good winter this year! Because of the amount of ice on the roads, the kids got 4 "snow days" this week. That was thanks to thunderstorms that came before the freeze. We had a thick sheet of ice everywhere. The kids didn't mind at all! No school! And I think we got about 6 inches of snow over the past couple of days and the forecast shows more possibly coming. I haven't gone outside the house at all this whole time because I'm a wuss and its been in the single digits(negatives with windchill). But I finally walked out today now thats its warmed up a teensy bit and took a couple of pics of some of the monster sized icicles that have formed. They are really pretty, but also look pretty dangerous. Don't walk under these bad boys. They might fall. And that might hurt a smidge.

These are pictures I took from inside the house yesterday. Just thought they were cool shots.

While I love the snow, I'm feeling kinda done with the cold. C'mon Spring, I'm ready. This Texan can't take too much :) I'm so grateful for cozy socks, a fireplace, hot chocolate & a sweet baby to cuddle with and keep me warm.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

My little chef

Cali is my child who just LOVES to be part of everything I do in the kitchen. She loves to help and asks so many questions about the cooking/baking process. She always wants to be right beside me helping and watching. Its so sweet. Santa must've known this about her because one of her presents was a little baking set. It came with a little apron, two mini cupcake pans, cupcake stand, measuring spoons, spatulas & cupcake wrappers. She was so excited to make her own cupcakes with her very own cooking gear!
Ready to rock.
She did a great job! Here she is with her finished product. I let her do all of the ingredient adding, stirring, and even putting the batter into the cupcake pans herself. Every bit! We made several mini cupcakes plus several big ones. They were all delicious!

We even made our own chocolate icing. They were tasty! Great job my cute lil chef!