Sunday, March 06, 2011

Ammon: 6 months and his first food!

Half a year! Ammon continues to be a little sweetie. And by little- I mean little. He started off a big 9 pounder but is a little guy right now! He didn't even register in the weight percentiles at his 6 month checkup! But then again, all of my kids have gotten below the 5th percentile in their first year. Its normal for my kids:) Then they pick up. I don't mind, they are light on my arms! Developmentally, he is right on track. He can sit up with just a little bit of support-I know he'll be sitting up solo in the next couple of weeks. That will be fun! He loves to hold toys and chew on them. He also loves to grab my hair. And I can no longer wear dangly earrings. He got a hold of one at church today and luckily I was able to unclench his fist quickly enough so as to not remove my ear. Phew. He loves to laugh and will have some serious gigglefests these days. His facial expressions and reactions to things are so cute right now. And he is still our sweet cuddlebug. Enjoy this video of his first time eating baby cereal(ok, it wasn't his very first taste on this clip, but maybe the second? We used our actual video camera for the very first taste but I taped this on my digital camera just for you!) He was so funny and kept grabbing the spoon:)



jOeY said...

What a handsome little guy. I cant believe he is 6mos now! Crazy how time just zooooooms by.

Marie said...

Holly, you have such a beautiful family! What a sweet little fella. He is going to be such a charmer! xxoo

Grammy Staffy said...

I love watching your precious boy.... and I love hearing your sweet voice. You both make me smile.
Have a great week. Hugs, Lura

p.s. Ellie was in the bottom 10% when she went to her 6 month check up last month. She is still wearing 3 mo size clothes. Don't you think they would make a darling couple???

Tara D. said...

Six months! Wow, can't believe it's been half a year. I see he likes the food, especially that spoon, lol. :)

Cynthia said...

He is such a cutie for sure. You can totally imagine his mind going more more mmmmm that taste good more more too cute one of these days nene it'll be ribs and kelaquin for you huu uh yup that's the island boy for sure. Wow six more months till luau time holy moly spamoly (sp).