Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Cali!

Cali turned the big 4! I can't believe this girl is just about ready to start pre-k! Just 5 more months. . .not that I'm counting :) hehe. Kidding! For her birthday this year, Cali chose to go to Chuck E. Cheese(she looooves that place!). She was extra lucky because Nana & Tata were also in town visiting so we got to spend her special day with them. She had lots of fun using up lots of tokens and getting lots of tickets! And eating pizza of course. It was her family birthday year so it was just the fam. I love alternating between family party years and friend party years. With family party years, we all get to enjoy it a little bit more. No stress. Just us doing something fun together and letting the birthday kid pick an activity/meal of their choice.
Pics of the fun. . .

Our 3 beauties

I saw these two together and just had to snap a pic. Sweet daddy-daughter time.

She got lots of tickets! And check out the cool birthday crown Nana & Tata bought her. A monkey. Ella shootin hoops. Joey and I played this against each other. And I beat him. And set a new high score. Boo-ya! I still got it. Don't forget Joey- I played on the 7th grade B team :) Ammon meeting Chuck E Cheese with Tata. Dang, that mouse is huge. No wonder I was scared of him till I was 8.
Later, it was time for cake, icecream & presents at home. Cali wanted a Tinkerbell chocolate cake with chocolate frosting(thats my girl-chocolate!). I was lucky to find a Tinkerbell candle to slap on top(I'm not a cake decorator by any means!). Sprinkles and candles, thats all I got:) She loved it. I mean, doesn't that face just say it all? She told me later, "Thank you for buying me Tinkerbell plates and cups and napkins and cake Mommy." It made me feel good that she expressed gratitude for everything at the end of the day. She is growing up so fast.

She was so cute while we sang to her, lookin all shy:) Licking the frosting off of the candles was what Cali was the most excited about. And when she got to the Tinkerbell candle, nothing stopped her. Here she is, licking Tinkerbells butt.

Time to open presents! We got her a few small things and her "big" thing was a smaller version of the crane game candy machine, like the ones at the arcade. We figured it'd be perfect since she is such a candy freak(a great reward system for good behavior too:) Unfortunately, it didn't work very well and it just frustrated her(Made for some laughs though. It was so funny. I may post video soon if I get a chance). So she gets to go to the store and pick something different out soon. Fail. But she loved the candy:) And the little sleeping bag set and watch we bought her.

I love the faces of all 3 girls in this one :) She has such sweet sisters. They each bought her presents too.

A watch and a mini lalaloopsy. Whee!

Candy! Look at those little eyes all scrunched up in sheer delight.

Vannah White herself.

Ella giving her a book that is special to her. It was really sweet.

Nana & Tata bought her a few American Girl items. One of which was the cutest baby carrier for her Bitty Baby doll. So adorable!

She finished the night off resting in her new Tinkerbell sleeping bag/nightlight/pillow set. If you look closely, you can see a tuckered out birthday girl.
I think she had a great day. We even spent the middle part of the day outside, riding bikes, scooters, selling lemonade from their lemonade stand(and making 17 bucks!), and running around. It was a busy fun day celebrating Cali. And she also got to celebrate with Grandma & Grandpa and the Smith fam a week before while we were in Corpus Christi(future posts coming. . .). So it was almost like she had two birthday! Lucky kid.

We love you sweet girl and are so grateful you are part of this family. You are a beautiful little princess with the most gorgeous curls. Anytime I go anywhere, I always get lots of comments about how cute you are and how beautiful those curls are. People always want to touch them:) You are so funny and make us laugh at the hilarious things you say & your awesome little dance moves. And you are doing so great in dance class! I'm so proud of how much you've grown this year. You also have become such a wonderful big sis this year since Ammon's arrival-you've taken on that role perfectly. Ammon is lucky to have you! You help Mommy with him so much. I can always count on you to get me a diaper or to keep him happy with toys. And I know this year you will love going to school. I know you can't wait to be like your big sisters. You'll do awesome! Happy Birthday cutie patootie! We love you.


jOeY said...

Happy Birthday Cali girl! We had so much fun didnt we??? :) Mommy is right, you're such a wonderful big sis. Ammon is going to miss you when you head off to preschool soon. i love you

Marie Rayner said...

They are all growing up so fast Holly! Happy Birthday to Calli. It is hard to believe she is four already. It looks like she had a wonderful time celebrating her birthday with her family. Who needs anyone else!!! I wish you were my mom and dad! I think you are all just the sweetest family and I just love you to bits! xxoo

Emily said...

Looks like a great birthday! I love the pictures, and Cali is so pretty with her curls. I can't wait to see her and Brooke on stage in their dance together!

-Melissa- said...

I can't believe she is 4! They grow up so fast. Looks like she had a fun birthday! Happy Birthday Cali!