Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Till We Meet Again

Last Monday, March 14, 2011, my dear Aunt Jeanie passed away after a painful battle with bone cancer. For those of you that knew her, you know what an amazing woman she was. Words really can't express how much I admire her and love her. As the oldest of 11 children(my mom was #8), she was like a second mother to her younger siblings. She helped my Grandmother so much and was always thinking of others. Her whole life she always thought of others. I know my Mom loves her dearly and is grateful for the things her big sis taught her, especially things pertaining to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know part of my Mom's faith and testimony comes from not only her own mother, but her big sister Jeanie. And those have been the 3 most influential women in my life as well-my Mom, my Grandma Adams, and my Aunt Jeanie. They are all three amazing women with a strength beyond compare.
Throughout my life, my Aunt Jeanie was always there for me. As a loving and supportive aunt, she came to many important events in my life: my HS graduation, Joey and I's marriage/sealing in the Dallas temple(pictured above, with her sweet husband and 3 of her 5 kids. It was a long 8 hour drive, but they came and it meant so much to me. They are just an awesome family!), she helped throw my bridal shower, came to my baby showers, the girls luaus, etc. If she could make it, she was there. And she always smiled. I loved her smile and her laugh. I can still hear it.
She was also an inspiring seminary teacher. I was so blessed to have her teach me for 3 of my 4 years in seminary(daily early morning scripture classes for high school students). She had a love of the scriptures like no other and she was an amazing teacher, speaker & writer. I left seminary each morning ready to watch out for those "fiery darts" of the adversary, as she would quote from the scriptures. I was determined to not let them get me:) She always made me feel like I wanted to be better and do better in my life. I love you Aunt Jeanie and will miss you more than you know. Thank you for being such an example to me of faith, strength & diligence in living the gospel & loving it. I never got to tell you personally how much your example affected me, especially during my teen years, but I hope you know. Maybe you are next to me as I type now:) But I am glad I was able to see you and tell you I love you earlier this month. I'm so grateful for that visit. I will miss you but I know I will see you again. I'm so grateful for the knowledge of gospel and that families are forever, thanks to the blessings of the temple and the atonement of Jesus Christ.

I always wanted my Aunt Jeanie to be proud of me. And I will live the rest of my life hoping she is.


Marie Rayner said...

I am sure she was and is and will continue to be very proud of you Holly. This was a beautiful tribute to her. Love you. (((hugs))) xxoo

the duchess said...

Lovely tribute. xoxo

Cynthia said...

What a great tribute to an inspiring Aunt. She will be missed and she was a great influence to all and you put it so eloquently. And I believe you are living your life as she had taught and I also believe she is beside you as well. Great memories.


She was truly an amazing and special woman! Your Aunt Jeanie was the best seminary teacher I ever had (the fiery darts quote will always stick with me! She loved her family and the gospel and it showed in every thing she did. I am grateful to have known her and I know she is one of our Heavenly Fathers precious daughters who had a very important role here on earth.