Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weekend in Santa Fe

We spent the weekend before Easter down in Santa Fe, Texas at my Uncle Kenny & Aunt Karen's house. The reason for our visit was for Joey to play in the Kyle Adams Memorial Golf Tournament and of course, for all of us to spend time with family in remembering Kyle. I'm glad Joey is able to be part of that-its for my cousin, Kyle, who died suddenly in a car accident 5 years ago. There is a scholarship fund set up in his name that the money from the tournament goes to. Its an awesome thing to be a part of. Its neat to be able to all come together to do something to honor his name. This was our second time to be able to attend. My uncle holds a big bbq the night before and heats up his pool to 90 degrees for summertime fun in the spring for all those who are there. The kids had a blast! We all did. Thanks so much Kenny & Karen for letting us come and be part of it all. Delicious food and a fun time!

Joey and his girls

The scene. Their yard is seriously heaven. I think its an acre of land! They have a pool/slide/spa, huge outdoor living area, outdoor kitchen, a huge garden, chickens, tons of cool stuff.

My Uncle is in the green servin up barbecue goodness.

Ella enjoying the beginning of "summer"

Cali and her cousin Berlin in the hot tub(not heated like a hot tub, don't worry)

I just thought this was a cool picture. And the kids smiling at the bottom is Aubrey :) I didn't even know she knew I was taking the picture until I looked at the pictures just now and saw her cute little smile!

There were lots of helping hands on the day of the tournament. I really appreciated all the help with Ammon while Joey was golfing! Thanks Mama!

And Tara!

And Grandma!

Saturday afternoon, we had a BIG egg hunt. The kids seriously scored in the candy department...and thankfully have been sharing with their parents:) Here are the animals, er, I mean kids corralled and ready to go.
And the hunt begins. . .

Ella was sweet and hunted a few eggs for us, I mean, Ammon too:)

Cali was a good hunter this year! And once she figured she had enough, she stopped and started eating. The hunt wasn't even over yet. She needed candy. Right away.
This was Ammon's first egg hunt.
Hmmm, whats this?

Within 5 seconds, it was in his mouth. Gotta give it a taste test! :) Thats one yummy plastic egg.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tara's new tap shoes

One night while we were at my parents house, Tara(my lil sis), the girls and I were in the garage playing ping pong, listening to music, throwing darts, etc. We started dancing and being silly(it was late and we had drank a lot of root beer:) and started talking about how cool it'd be to tap dance. But we had no tap shoes. Then Tara had a brilliant plan. She gathered coins, went inside and all was quiet. Then she came back and showed us her new tap shoes...
She had super glued coins to the bottom of a pair of shoes! And she then danced the night away. We were laughing and laughing as we each took a turn. Now I can say I've tap danced with shoes that have coins glued to them. Awesome. We are the coolest and I know you wish you were us right now :)And I tried taking video(because Tara seriously has some tap dancing skillz) but I guess I didn't do it right because there is no video on the camera. DANGIT. It would've been worth your time. She rocked those puppies.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hanging with the Youngbergs

Okay, so I'm backtracking here:) I have lots of fun pictures to share from the past month and I've got to catch up! While we were in Corpus Christi last month, we spent an afternoon with Joey's sisters family just chillin out. The kids played in their big backyard, drank lemonade on that warm spring day, and Ammon even played the drums! We also went on a walk just down the street, through the forest and to the Laguna Madre(I feel like I'm map giving directions on Dora the Explorer-ha!). The kids LOVED it, especially getting to spend time with their cousins, Don, Kai & Shelby.

The girls. Cali's pose is truly priceless.

Ammon playing the drums. Gotta take pics and video in case he has his own 3D movie someday
Don playing us some tunes on the gee-tar. Hes awesome!
Ammon spending time with Auntie Nikki.

Cali was the cheese ball holder(or eater I should say:) on our walk and was happy to do it.

Daddy and Ammon in the "forest" :) So Corpus Christi doesn't have real forests, but thats what we South Texans call it. Actually when I was a kid, we called areas like this "The Trails." Basically they are a bunch of ugly trees with thorns that someone paved paths through with their bare feet, Bluff style:) Fun to run around through!

Throwing rocks and exploring the waters edge.

Aubrey walked Leilani. She loved doing it and Leilani loved the walk. Shes Joey's parents dog that the Youngbergs were watching while they were out of town.

The little girls shell searching.

Joey and the cousins... and Leilani's booty. :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011 from our family to yours

Here are the kids all dressed up for church this afternoon. . they looked adorable. How blessed Joey and I are to have such sweet and precious children! We can't imagine life without each special little spirit and look forward to hopefully more to come someday:) I am so thankful this day and always for the atonement of Jesus Christ and for His sacrifice for us. Because of Him and His descension and resurrection, I will be with my family forever. What a wonderful knowledge to have. He lives! And because He lives, we all will. I'm so grateful for that amazing gift the Savior gave to all of us. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter Day!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fountains at Fairview Fun

We've spent a couple of Saturday evenings in April at the Fountains at Fairview. The first time we went was on the way home from a long 9 hour drive from Corpus Christi. The kids were so excited when we pulled up and told them they could run around the beach area and even run through the fountains fully clothed. They deserved it after such a long day! It was the perfect end to the day. The weather was awesome and we all had a great time. They have a man-made beach area with toys, umbrellas, chairs, a playground, bean bag toss and sand volleyball courts. There is also a dog park and some gardens. And, of course, they have the glowing fountains. And there are awesome restaurants all around as well. Its such a fun area in to visit!

We went again the following Saturday because we heard there was going to be live jazz(we love live music!) and hang out with our friends, The Turanos. Another fun evening made even more fun with good friends! Here are Emily and I with our cute boys. Will and Ammon are three months apart and I know they are going to be best buddies!

Summer fun in the Spring! Thats how we roll in the great state of Texas.