Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back at the Ranch

On one of our trips to Corpus, we were invited by the Swain clan(my cousins) out to a ranch to spend the evening. It was really fun!! The kids really enjoyed exploring unknown territory with their cousins, hiking around, discovering baby owls, building a fire & cooking up some s'mores. The kids made some really neat memories with their cousins. Here are pictures from their adventures. . . back at the ranch.
The ranch house

Pokey thingies aka Cactus The back porch where we ate and hung out.

3 girls ready to explore the rocky South Texas terrain :)

My cousin Josh and two of his daughters, Ysa & Berlin

Looking for something

And they found something-baby owls! So cool! Aubrey & Jerald

The exploration team(Joey was behind the camera).

Crazy faces!

Ella climbing up a tree.

Cute Gary. Lovin that little smile.

They all had hiking sticks. Can't hike without one of those.

My cousin-in-law, Bryan, and one of his daughters, Jacie.

My beautiful Mama with Ammon. In the air conditioned house. Where I also was:)

When it got dark, it was time to build the fire. And time for for s'mores! Cali's favorite part:) That girl loves her some SUGAR!!!

Thanks for a great time Swain family!!!


Marie Rayner said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time Holly!! I'd have been quite comfortable staying back in the air conditioning myself! xxoo

the duchess said...

I love a big porch. Looks like tons of fun.

Grammy Staffy said...

what a great time ... you have a great family.
I keep my Holly Angel near by. She brings me smiles during the long hours. Thank you

Emily said...

That looks like an awesome time! Baby owls! How neat...did they see the mom owl too? Your family looks like they know how to have fun :)