Friday, April 22, 2011

Fountains at Fairview Fun

We've spent a couple of Saturday evenings in April at the Fountains at Fairview. The first time we went was on the way home from a long 9 hour drive from Corpus Christi. The kids were so excited when we pulled up and told them they could run around the beach area and even run through the fountains fully clothed. They deserved it after such a long day! It was the perfect end to the day. The weather was awesome and we all had a great time. They have a man-made beach area with toys, umbrellas, chairs, a playground, bean bag toss and sand volleyball courts. There is also a dog park and some gardens. And, of course, they have the glowing fountains. And there are awesome restaurants all around as well. Its such a fun area in to visit!

We went again the following Saturday because we heard there was going to be live jazz(we love live music!) and hang out with our friends, The Turanos. Another fun evening made even more fun with good friends! Here are Emily and I with our cute boys. Will and Ammon are three months apart and I know they are going to be best buddies!

Summer fun in the Spring! Thats how we roll in the great state of Texas.


Marie Rayner said...

What a fun time! Your girls look so happy! No wonder. I think any child would love to go there! You do the neatest things with your kids! Love you loads! xxoo
PS - Happy Easter to you all!

Emily said...

It was so much fun! I wish I would have gotten more pictures of Brooke...Your pics are so cute! I love the picture of you and Ammon at the fountain too. I love the picture of us too. Ammon and Will are going to be best buds for sure!

Jan said...

Your family is beautiful (and growing up!)-- looks like a blast to me!

Cynthia said...

I love that they were able to run through the water fully clothed that is so much fun. Not sure if Joey remembers that on our trips to San Francisco we'd stop and do that at the rest areas. We just happen to be there when the sprinklers went on. So much fun for the kids. Love the new bathing suits very cute and modest. Ammon is so photogenic too he's going to be a heart breaker for sure. So cute. Great hands stand there Ms. Aubrey, Ella you are awesome, Cali your dimples are so cute just like you and Ammon well let's just say I am so happy when I see your smile.

Grammy Staffy said...

What fun for your darling family. I am dropping by to let you know that I am thinking of you and wishing you a very Happy Easter.

Much love, Lura

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