Saturday, May 21, 2011


Cali can write her name! I was starting to think she never would:) She is a stubborn little booger sometimes. Everytime I'd sit with her to try and get her to do letters she would get really frustrated and angry. She really just had no desire to do it. At. All. I don't think it was because she lacked the ability, but she lacked the patience. This week I decided to try again with her and she did it! I will admit, however, that I gave her gum to chew while I was working with her:) The key to this kids heart is candy or bubble gum. It puts her in a really good mood! I'm so bad. But I was desperate! Lol. We are very proud of you Cali! She'll be ready for preschool now that she is a pro at writing her name:) She count count to 20 and say her ABC's. She can recognize lots of letters and numbers and can write a few of them too. It seems since shes turned 4, she has grown up so much already! We love you cutie pie Cali! I can't believe you'll start pre-k in just a few months! I've told her all about it and she is most excited for snack time:)


Marie Rayner said...

Congratulations to Cali!! That is a big accomplishment! I think she is growing up so fast. She looks like a proper little girl now, not a baby anymore, but then . . . she is now a big sister! That's a great responsability! Love you guys! xxoo

-Melissa- said...

Way to go Cali! Can't believe she will start preschool in the fall already. Time goes by to quick.