Friday, May 27, 2011

Contest clarification

I'm excited there are so many entries for the giveaway already!

I do need to clarify how to enter because I've noticed a few of you have only left one comment even though you are a follower(which qualifies you for 3 more entries!)... if you qualify for additional entires(whether you are a follower or have blogged/facebooked the contest), you have to leave a comment for each additional entry. Otherwise, if you've only left one comment, you only have one entry. Make sense? Basically each comment is going to be assigned a number. I'll be using an online random number generator to choose a number and whichever comment is that number wins! So go back and add more entries/comments if you need to! And the comments don't have to say anything other than "follower" "follower 2"(for second comment) "follower 3" etc. You don't have to keep complimenting me, hahaha.

Good luck everyone! And thanks for visiting and for all of the sweet comments :)

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