Sunday, May 22, 2011

Friends are GOLD

I am so blessed to live in an area with so many great gals! I love my friends here, absolutely adore them. I've lived in areas where I have had like, zero, friends:) When we moved from Corpus(where I grew up and stayed in the same ward my entire life, where I was surrounded by family and people I knew) to Austin, I was not very outgoing. I felt a little bit lonely and shy. I never felt like I was a huge part of the ward there (that kinda happens when they call you straight to the nursery though!). I don't feel like many people got to know the real me. I didn't really bond closely to anyone until just a few months before we moved(of course!). And we only lived there for a year and a half so that wasn't much time. So when we moved to the Dallas area, I decided things were going to be different. I wasn't going to wait for people to say hello to me. I made a serious goal to be more friendly. To put myself out there. I decided to try and organize playdates and plan get-togethers. To unshy myself:) And I did it. It worked! I love to plan girls night outs, playdates at the park, birthday celebrations, you name it. I'm always trying to think of a way to bring people together. Its fun! Its been an awesome way to connect with other moms and make friends. Women need each other. While we have our husbands as our best friends, we also need that special connection with other gals. Its so nice to chat, vent & laugh together. I love the women here and don't know what I'd do without them!

This past month two close friends of mine, Sarah & Emily, had birthdays. They both celebrated their 28th birthdays(youngins:). I helped plan both of their parties and they were super fun! Emily's party I hosted at my house with the help of my bud Amanda- friends, food & fun! I made chocolate cupcakes and made a silly trivia game:) I even made punch that wasn't a powder mix!(Now, thats something:) Everyone brought an appetizer to share. It was awesome! I love ya Emily and I'm so glad I know you!! I am especially glad to have gotten to know you so well this year. She is one of the most generous people I know! She is also so nice to everyone, always. And its so crazy how much she and I have in common-I didn't know there was someone out there(besides myself and my BFF Laura:) that loves sweets as much as me! You are a wonderful person and friend Emily! Happy Birthday!

Amanda, Emily & I

Talking and eating: the perfect combination.

Time for the birthday girl to blow out her candle:)

Not long after, we celebrated my dear friend Sarah's birthday at McAlister's Deli. Katie headed it up and I brought balloons and ring pops(to make it fancy:) lol. It was fun to get together for lunch, fancy delish cupcakes & girl time. I love you Sarah!! You have been a wonderful friend for YEARS! She is the type of girl that I've always been able to count on for anything. She is so fun and so sweet. And she is always thinking of others. I don't know what I'd do without you Sarah!! xoxo Hope you enjoyed your birthday!

I love how Jennie is showing off her bling:)

Ooh la la. I had a raspberry filled cupcake and it was fantastic.

Fun times with fun girls!! There were also a couple of other good friends birthdays last month that we celebrated too-it was a crazy fun party month:)

And I'm already thinking about who's birthday is next. . . Katie. . thats you. :)


Marie Rayner said...

Great times Holly! Am loving the cupcakes too. We don't get things like that over here, or at least I don't know of anything like that over here! Perhaps I need to get out more!! xxoo

Emily said...

It is amazing when a person can realize exactly what they need to do to change things in their life so they can be happier, and then they do it. We are so much a like it is insane. I love you HOLLY! I can't wait for all the years that I know you and I , plus our kids will be friends for.

-Melissa- said...

Glad we got to celebrate Emily and Sarah's birthday. Love getting together with you gilrs. :)

Amanda said...

I made the blog!!!! Awesome... and I even approve of the pictures. Thanks Holly. It was a fun night. You are a great party planner!