Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Mother's Day weekend

I'm going all over the place as far as order of things lately, but oh well:) I'm backtracking back to Mother's Day to share all of the wonderful things my family did for me. I just have to document it all-it was perfect! The best Mother's Day ever. That Friday, Ella's class had a Mother's Day Reader's Theatre and Breakfast. They read and acted out the story, "I'll Love You Forever"(total tear jerker!) and served us muffins, fruit and juice. They also sang us the cutest little songs. On top of each child's desk, was a picture they had drawn of their mom. The moms had to guess which one was them and I guessed right away! I know Ella's artwork(and the freckles she drew helped:) There were homemade paper flower "coupons" for tasks they will do for you. A couple of Ella's said, "Watch the baby" and "Clean your bed" :) lol. There were also little corsages they made us and a booklet all about their mom. There were some pretty funny things inside that the year I was born is 1950:) I'm lookin good for 5o years old! She wrote about one of her favorite times with me being "girls night" where I took the girls to The Cheesecake Factory for our own little girls night before Ammon was born. It was sweet she remembered that and cherished that night like I did. And she wrote about how she loves it when I cuddle her on the couch. Oh, and how could I forget the "When my mom gets angry, she..."(C'mon first grade teachers, what are you trying to do to us moms? Get us arrested!? j/k:) She finished that sentence with, "my mom gets really red in the face." (Not too bad:) Here are pictures from that special morning with just me and my girl, Ella bean. . .

Please remember this was bright n early in the morning! Uggh, I look icky. But Ella is cute so hopefully her cuteness overpowers. . .:)

Mother's Day morning I got to sleep in! And then Joey and the kids all brought me breakfast in bed: chocolate chip pancakes, bacon & eggs. So delicious! And homemade cards, beautiful tulips and candy. The kids put so much time into the things they made me and the sweet words they wrote. Aubrey had made me a beautiful card at school but what touched me was what she wrote, "Whenever I am sad or upset, you are always there to make me feel better.":) And Ella helped Cali make me a card and Cali even gave me some money:) And Joey of course never disappoints and always makes me feel like royalty whether its Mothers Day or any day. He is amazing and made sure I knew he appreciates me as a mother. His card was so sweet and he also gave me a gift certificate to get a mani/pedi. It was such a wonderful morning. Ammon didn't make me a card or tell me he loved me, but he still gave me one of the best gifts: how excited he was to see me when they came in that morning. His little feet started kicking like crazy and he was smiling soooo big. It really made me happy:) I'll never forget that little face on Mother's Day morning! He loves me, he really loves me!

Here are pictures from that morning and later that day when they also helped make me a delicious Lasagna dinner(Joey's first time to make it and it was great!)

Even Ammon helped stir the batter(Another gift to me was the fact that Joey and the girls took pictures that morning while I slept. Going through the pictures later of them hard at work doing things all for me warmed my heart!)

Please, no comments about this picture. . .I'm only posting it for journaling purposes. . .

Joey took this picture. Isn't it beautiful?

Me and my favorite little people in the world after church that Sunday. I sure love these precious kiddos.

My three cute maitre-d's for dinner :) It was Aubrey's cute idea. And don't you love their shoes? They spent half the day wearing my shoes around the house. They are cute little mommies:)

Dinner is served.

Thank you Joey and kiddos for a wonderful weekend I won't forget. I love you!


Grammy Staffy said...

What a wonderful mother's day weekend for a wonderful mother. You are blessed to have such a thoughtful husband and children.... even Ammon helping stir.... and they are blessed to have you!!!

I love each one of you and I am glad that I can be your cyber grammy because I have adopted every one of you into my family.... I forgot to tell you about it.... I did it when we went to court to adopt Ellie in Feb. I just added all of your names onto the adoption papers... so now you are officially mine. Of course I will be glad to share you with the rest of your family.... it was an open adoption.
Hugs, Grammy L

Cynthia said...

Grammy Staffy is so cute.

I loved all the pictures and loved how everyone helped out. I think its awesome that you had a great morning and day all around. All the pictures are great even the one we aren't supposed to comment on I won't I'll just say I saw no flaws. Thank you to everyone helping out even that littles hand that helped what a great family love you all and glad again that you had the best day ever that was the plan I'm sure. Awesome.

Marie Rayner said...

Loved seeing all the pictures Holly and what a beautiful Mother's Day you had from beginning to end! I just adore your family. I want to adopt you too! xxoo

-Melissa- said...

Glad you had a wonderful mothers day. loved the pictures of your cute kids helping out.