Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tower Templates

Ella has become obsessed with making these things called "Tower Templates" at school. Basically they are these 3D 4-sided paper towers where each side of the tower is a word/subject that is part of a group that has a theme. And then she writes a description under each word. For example, she did one on different subjects in school where one of the words was "Math" and underneath it she wrote, "I don't like Math." That one made us laugh. Another one on that same tower said, "Reading" and she wrote "I love to read." And yep, she sure does. She reads all the time! She has done towers on different types of dogs, seasons, different types of clouds, animals, candy, family members, she has done LOTS! For a couple of weeks she came home with at least one every day. And this isn't part of an assignment, its something she and a couple of other overachieving girls:) work on at the computer during center/free time. Its something special the teacher lets them do that really gets their brains going. I love it! Ella is so good at stuff like this. She is only 7 years old and can create amazing powerpoint presentations, blog posts, word documents all by herself! And she isn't just good on the computer. She is amazing at reading and learning in general. Her teacher who has taught about 25 years said she has never seen a child read so much and have the desire to read as much as Ella. I was wowed by that statement!

Here she is with her collection of tower templates. She really loves them and has worked hard on each one. Ella is such a hard worker. We are really proud of her!


Emily said...

that is really cool! I would like that too.

Cynthia said...

Ella that is so cool and wonderfully amazing. I could think of so many ways you could use that idea. I love it. I don't know how to make them so maybe someday you could show us how to make one. Hmmm or maybe you could make us one that we could display in our special cabinet. Good job on reading too that is awesome. You are an amazing girl and we love you.